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The Last Day of the Weirdest School Year Ever!

We did it! We finally reached the end of the weirdest school year ever. Who could have ever guessed that the 2019-2020 school year would play out like this? Looking back, there were clues that this year was going to be different, but no way in a million guesses, would I have ever guessed what actually played out. 

First Day of School 2019-2020. The year definitely didn't play out as expected! 

It all started in December when we had 5 snow days before the holiday break! When we got back to school after that break, there were no more snow days. I don't remember exactly, but I don't think we even had a delayed opening once. Do you know what happens between January and March when there have been no snow days and (possibly) no delayed openings? It alters the mood of people (students and staff). They just really need the break that snow days typically provide. I was thinking about that fact a lot as March came around. 

The girls had their last day in school on Thursday, March 12th. Friday the 13th was expected (by me, at least) to be the beginning of a short stay at home while everything got sorted out. Since there were so many changes, I can't remember exact dates, but I believe a return date of March 30th was given first. That eventually got pushed back until after April vacation and then, obviously, we were just distance learning for the rest of the school year.  

In the short time we had before our district introduced their distance learning programs, I created lesson plans and activities for the girls. 

While the wacky December weather likely wasn't the catalyst that started all of this, it definitely offered a peek into just how bizarre 2020 was going to end up being. Overall though, our experience with distance learning wasn't horrible. I sincerely hope that districts take advantage of what they have learned over this time to offer this type of alternative to making up snow days in the summer. 

Overall, how was your experience with distance learning? 
Sound off in the comments! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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