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The Best Products For Your New Large Breed Puppy

You've just adopted a precious, new family member and are feeling a bit lost on what to do next. Did I just describe you? 

If you missed Miss Fiona's introduction to Mommy's Block Party, you're going to want to check out all of that cuteness and just try not to smile. I dare ya. 

We are now in the 12th week and have surpassed the adorable newborn stages of puppyhood. If you're raising a puppy, you know that around this time teething is in full swing and everything is fair game. Just try and pat that little round head during a mouthing session. You may lose a finger. 

In an attempt to ease the desire to chew us and also satisfy those aching gums, I have found a couple of items that have been life savers for our doberman puppy. 

These rawhide free dog chews by LuvChew have been a Fiona favorite! I give her one a day during the evening when her teething is at it's worst. You'll notice there are certain times of day that your puppy will be aggressively mouthing everything. We figured it out to be around 7pm, a couple of hours before bedtime. After she chews this bone and completely consumes it, the urge lessens. They have been very easy on her digestive tract and I have not noticed any adverse effects!

The next chew bone that Miss Fiona has been enjoying are the Healthy Edibles Nyla Bones. 

She will devour one of these bones in about 10 minutes. For this reason, I do not buy these often but they are a great tool to save for a situation when you really need your large breed puppy to be occupied for a stint. Having a puppy is similar to having a 1 year old, walking toddler with no diaper. If you can find that one activity to occupy the little one for 10 minutes, you save it and use it when you need it most!

The next favorite is an adorable toy that Fiona absolutely goes crazy for!

I took a chance with this goofy little elephant but as it turned out, our new pup loved this Charming Pet! It's around $10 and incredibly durable. When searching for toys for large breed puppies, remember that with large bodies come large, sharp teeth. Make sure you choose toys that are made extra tough. This toy claims to have a calming effect on dogs and while I can't comment on that claim as of yet, she certainly does love the different sounds and textures!

These are just a few favorites that I have discovered in my short time with my new puppy. There are more that I would love to share in the coming months as I really dig in and discover this brand new world of owning a large breed dog. Dobermans are smart, strong, wise, friendly, affectionate and loyal. They truly do want to be everyone's best friend. Training a doberman is a journey that may not be for first-time dog owners, but if you're willing to put in the work, you could find your best companion yet. 

What are some favorite chews and toys that your large breed dog loves? Feel free to share in the comments below! Stay tuned for more Fiona updates as we continue on this journey with our sweet girl!


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