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Tell Pain and Anxiety to Chill Out with Chil Wellness

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Chil Wellness. All thoughts are my own.

The past three months have been a complete whirlwind for my family. We moved into a new home in the beginning of March. Two weeks later, a global pandemic broke through, making waves in the United States. Our daily routines were completely upended, causing a huge stir within our family unit. At the same time, I had been undergoing testing for pain and weakness in one of my knees, which had been giving me constant trouble. Both pain and stress/anxiety seemed to just be a part of the norm, but I knew that after being ordered to stay at home, I needed to find a better way to deal with aches and pains, and the sense of anxiety and worry without needing to go to the doctor.

Having lived with high stress and anxiety and being medicated off and on for years, I knew that I needed to find a better way to manage my stress at home. After my doctor prescribed an SSRI for managing my anxiety, she told me that I could take either 5 mg a day or 10 mg a day, depending on whether or not I needed it. I'm not one to take more medicine than necessary, so I began looking into alternative methods of stress management and pain relief. Pain begets stress in my situation, and I'm guessing in those of others, as well.

I started to become interested in learning more about the uses of CBD a couple of years ago. When I learned that there was a company making CBD products to help others live their best lives, naturally, I knew I needed to look into both the company and products.

Chil Wellness was born after their founder (Kevin DeMerritt) noticed his daughter suffering from terrible side effects which came from prescribed medication for his 18-month-old daughter. His daughter had been diagnosed with  Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which caused shooting pain in her legs, making it hard to stand or walk. Looking for a better way to manage pain, Kevin worked to form natural products using the highest quality ingredients to help his daughter. He also worked closely with  scientists and natural healing physicians to formulate natural ingredients that could be used to help his daughter feel more comfortable without the negative side effects of powerful medications.

Today, sweet Aspen (15 years) spends her days playing soccer and polo, pain-free. 

Chil Wellness aims to provide natural relief for families, so they can live their best lives every day!

I was thrilled to be able to try a few of Chil Wellness' top products. It's been a large goal of mine to completely completely come off of pain and anxiety medication, and for me, finding a topical solution that works was a large part of being able to reach that goal.

One of the cool things about CBD (which I learned from one of my local CBD shops) is that it targets whichever part of your body needs it and works to restore it. This is one of the reasons why so many people are turning to CBD products.

The Chil Wellness Sport stick is a convenient way to manage pain at home or on the go.

I'm not an athletic person, but I do try my hardest to stay active. I injured my knee the summer between high school and college, and ever since that time, I have had incredible pain in that knee. Wearing certain types of shoes or working out for an extended period of time really adds to pain and inflammation. Chil Wellness' Sport Muscle Recovery Balm is my secret weapon for combating pain, soreness, and stiffness in my knee. While my doctor told me that arthritis in my knee was present, surgery wasn't an option. The prescription for me was physical therapy, which was excruciating. 

Fun in the sun! Walking, playing catch, and lounging on the beach pain-free, thanks to the Sport Muscle Recovery Balm.

The Sport Balm is absolutely amazing! It easily rolls right onto the skin, and is in a convenient grab and go roll on tube, making it perfect to throw into a purse, gym bag, etc. 

Feel your aches melt away with our blend of powerful botanicals, essential oils and 500mg of CBD.
The combination of the CBD, botanicals and essential oils is powerful, targeting your areas of soreness or stiffness.

Balm Contains:

Price: $29.95

I have personally used the sport stick on my knee, and my shoulder- two areas where I experience the most aches and pain. The formula glides right onto the skin, and isn't greasy or sticky at all. The heat/cooling effect comes within just a few minutes of application, and works quickly to help the pain subside. This amazing formula has been helping me to be able to enjoy walking for exercise again, and has been helping me enjoy more outdoor fun with my family!

Aspen's Maximum Relief Salve offers super relief that lasts!

Named after the founder's daughter, the Chil Wellness Maximum Relief Salve packs a powerful punch of max pain relief! When my pain is strong to severe, I opt for Aspen's Max Relief Salve. At the end of the day, after wearing boots or heels, or after having been on my feet all day, this amazing miracle salve works wonders on my knee! I love the way it feels as it works to target my aching knee's pain. Simply putting a small amount on at the end of the day bring me comfort that lasts up to 2-3 hours. With subsided pain, I am able to sleep more comfortably, and don't have to rely on extra sleep aids to get me through the night.

Works to relieve various aches and pains!

My dad is in his early 60's, and suffers tremendous pain caused by a bunion. The bunion hurts him so badly that his foot becomes swollen and he can hardly stand or walk. I encouraged him to try Aspen's Maximum Pain Salve. We applied a small amount of the salve to the bunion, and within just a few minutes, he felt relief that he hasn't felt in weeks! The swelling reduced, and he was able to join us out on the beach for a day of family togetherness.

Aspen's Max Relief Salve retails for $49.95, and would be one of the products I highly recommend trying if you experience frequent or occasional pain. 

Discover the product that launched Chil Wellness and helped their founder’s daughter, Aspen, find her joy again! With Aspen’s salve, you’ll feel your aches and pains melt away.

Formulated with:

1,000mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD
Medical-grade Magnesium-Sulfate crystals
Other essential oils

Feeling stressed? The De-Stress Balm Stick is a must!

Stress and anxiety has been at the center of my life for many years. I have been on and off medication to control it for the past 5 years, and I almost always wind up returning to an anti-depressant to help keep my stress managed well. I dislike being medicated- I can't feel my emotions properly, and feel tired most of the time. I have a hard time relaxing even when I'm medicated, and to me, it just doesn't feel right.

I began looking into alternate methods for stress management, and found that CBD helped a lot. Chil Wellness developed an amazing De-Stress Balm Stick, which is the perfect product to roll directly onto the skin whenever you are feeling stressed. It provides almost immediate relief, helping me to feel calm and relaxed. It also smells fantastic!

I sang for the memorial service of a dear friend just a couple of weeks ago. I had a particularly hard time with her passing, and knew that it would be incredibly hard to sing (as much as I wanted to do it for her and her family) in front of her family, including her grieving husband, older step son, and 8-year-old son. I brought my de-stress stick balm with me to her memorial service, and applied the balm to my neck and wrists before the service began. It provided me with fast comfort and helped me to relax long enough to make it through a couple of hours of visitation with the family and singing live for her service.

I keep this product with me at all times. If I feel stressed or have a sudden onset of anxiety, I just simply apply a bit of the balm to my wrists and take a few minutes to sit in my anxiety, breathe into it, send love to my stress, and peace process as I feel the balm working to relieve tension and stress. I can literally feel it leave my body- it's incredible!

The De-Stress Balm Stick is $29.95.

Achieve a sense of serenity and relaxation. They combined 500mg of full-spectrum CBD with Ylang Ylang, fresh citrus and other essential oils to help you relax and calm your mood. Take this balm on-the-go for those stressful, overwhelmed moments.

Want it? Try it!

You can learn more about Chil Wellness and their fabulous products over on their website. There are 12 different CBD products you can try, each one offering a 30 day money-back guarantee. Chil Wellness' story is fascinating, and their main goal is to help others live pain-free lives, naturally.

I am thrilled with all three of the products I have been able to try from Chil Wellness. The results after use far exceeded my expectations, and being able to grab a natural product to help with my pain relief is a dream come true!

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Have you ever experienced the healing benefits of CBD? What have you used it for?

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Be well!

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