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Summer 2020 Bucket List

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Schools are letting out for the year, more people are returning to work, and there seems to be a larger sense of normalcy in the air. Covid-19 is still present and comes with challenges for a typical summer for many. Our kids are still little so we aren't too involved in extracurricular activities yet. I want to know what's on your bucket list for this summer. 
When will we ever be forced to stay home this much again? While my husband is working from home, we've been taking advantage of the extra set of hands to complete some little projects we've been wanting to get done around the house, inside and out.

  • power washed our fence in the backyard
  • power washed diving board and slide
  • power washed the patio around the pool
  • reapplied paver sand to patio
  • purchased new mower and other outdoor tools for more efficient use of time
  • cleared out clothes and other small items we no longer use
  • scheduled replacement of rotted wood and gutters on exterior
  • built platforms for the basement
  • built new shelves for the barn
So far, I'd say we are getting some stuff done! It is so great to be getting things done around the house that we've wanted to to do since we moved in along with the usual cleaning and purging. 

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We still have quite a list to accomplish, but we are off and running. 

As far as fun with the kids, we take little adventures to try a new, local place that's within a reasonable driving distance. We also do the usual crafts, play board games and other games, puzzles, reading, etc. Hendrix is going to take a few swimming lessons since we didn't want him to miss a year of lessons. Other than that, most of our plans have been completely upended because of the virus. I am loving this time together, but am hoping to come up with a few fun ideas over the next couple of months. 

Although our original plans for the summer have changed, we are spending so much quality time together as a family and making our home even better in the meantime. 

What are you doing with your summer? 

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