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Struggling? 5 places to seek emotional support

There’s nothing worse than having a worry or trouble and having no one to turn to for support. We all need people to talk to. Whether you’ve had some bad news, are grieving a loss or are simply having a bad day, speaking about your feelings can be incredibly cathartic. There’s a reason people say, “a problem shared is a problem halved”. So, if you’re not sure where to turn to seek emotional support, the following might help. 

A psychic
People generally turn to psychics when they have an agenda. They might want to find a lost object or connect to a loved one who’s passed away. However, psychics can also be excellent listeners and are able to provide emotional support, no matter the topic. They can empathize effectively because they understand what you’re going through. You can find a psychic on the mediumchat website and choose from a variety of services including tarot cards, palm readings, or numerology. 

A friend
It’s important to have plenty of friends. While you might seek emotional support from your partner, it’s important to make sure that you see other people, too, and don’t place all your burdens on them. So, if you’re looking for emotional support, it can be cathartic to meet a friend for coffee and chat your troubles away. Often, those a little distanced from the problem can offer useful, bias-free advice and you’ll be surprised to find what wisdom they can offer. Just make sure you return the favor and help with their problems, too! 

A psychologist
Some people believe that you should only see a psychologist if you have a significant issue or problem, such as grief or divorce. However, anyone can benefit from therapy. Most of us try to hide or belittle our problems because we don’t want to think about them at the time or bother others. But this isn’t healthy. A psychologist will listen to your problems and help you to find coping methods. The right therapist won’t push you too hard or undermine the way you’re feeling. 

A support group
Support groups are called support groups for a reason. They offer support and help us through difficult times. Most are tailored for a specific need, so you’ll need to do your research. While we more commonly hear about those that help with grief, addiction or other mental health problems, there are support groups for many different issues. It can be nerve-wracking plucking up the courage to attend but speaking about your problems to someone who genuinely understands really helps.

A pet

Ok, so a dog or cat can’t offer any words of wisdom when you’re looking for emotional support, but, they can make you feel better. If you’re an animal person and love your furry friends, there’s nothing better than spending some one-to-one time with them and feeling their affection. Dogs, in particular, are great at making us feel better. Who can resist a happy, fluffy pup that’s oozing with love for you? 

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