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National Cancer Survivors Day

Cancer is quite possibly the scariest C-word in the dictionary.  So many people are affected and so many people have passed from this terrible disease.  I don't think many of us can say we don't know someone or have a loved one that has cancer and passed or survived it.  Today, I want to take time out to recognize the people in my life that have fought cancer valiantly.  
My best friend Kathy fought breast cancer in 2015.  She just went through a divorce and her life was turned upside down.  She fought and won against cancer that was working to harm her. She did it like a true warrior never complaining.

My father had a bout of lung cancer in 2011.  He fought it and went into remission.  In May 2018, I received a call that he was in a car crash and was in the hospital with tumors on his brain.  They did emergency surgery and we were told that he may not wake up and be prepared to say goodbye.  I was terrified and not ready to say goodbye, but he woke up and surprised us all.  He is not out of the woods, as one tumor is not operable but it isn't growing as of his recent MRI this past week.  He fought cancer twice and came out on the other side. 

These are my survivor stories, but I have also lost a lot of loved ones to this horrid disease.  They may not be here to be the survivor list, but they fought just as valiantly.  Their lives and love have impacted our family in so many ways. RIP- Grampa Ray, Grandma Nancy, Aunt Dolores, Aunt Jean, Aunt Rosie, Uncle Ray, Uncle Dickie, and Patty Your lights still shine bright and I think of you often.  My happiest memories are times I got to spend with you.  Each of you taught me humility, love, kindness, and to fight like a warrior.

Cancer is a scary word, but what is scarier is not knowing.  Get screened and if for any reason you don't feel like yourself get checked out by your physician.  If you are going through a cancer diagnosis right now, I will pray for you and I will be here to support you.


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