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Four Portable Upgrades to Your Rented Property

Everyone likes to put their personal mark on a property: it helps to make a house a home. However, if you are renting your property, you could be limited in the home improvement upgrades you can carry out. Landlords might not like to carry out too much remodeling, and you could end up losing your deposit. If you are allowed to carry out certain renovations, you might not be able to take it with you when you move, meaning that the next tenant will see the full benefit of your investment rather than yourself. 

Considering this, here are four portable upgrades you can carry out on your rented property.

Opt for standalone furniture
If your rented home does not come complete with its own furniture and household appliances, make sure that when you buy such things for your rented home, they are free standing. While built in kitchens and bedrooms might coordinate well and provide streamlined storage space, you can’t take them with you when you move, meaning that they are there for the next tenant to enjoy and you will have to buy new furniture all over again. Free standing furniture and household appliances are available to suit all budgets and tastes, and some stores offer furniture financing to help with payments.

Buy a portable carport
If you own a car but your rented property does not have a garage, you could invest in a portable carport. These are available in a selection of sizes and colors to suit a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, and motor bikes, and one portable carport can fit multiple vehicles. Constructed from an industrial steel frame and a tear-proof and UV resistant polyethylene canopy, a portable carport will protect your vehicle from weather damage and can be easily dismantled and securely rebuilt when you move properties.

Cover walls with art work and removable wallpaper
You won’t be reimbursed the cost of paint and wallpaper and hiring a decorator when you move. Removeable wallpaper is growing in popularity among renters as a non-permanent way of incorporating a wallpaper aesthetic into a rented property. Alternatively, you could keep walls in their original condition, covering them instead with artwork of your choice. It could be art prints, photographs of family and friends, or perhaps even your own artwork; nevertheless, you can inject your walls with your own personality while leaving behind a blank canvas when you move. 

Cover floors with removable carpets and rugs
DIY painting and stenciling floors are a popular way to upcycle your living space, but this might not be allowed in your lease. Even so, your hard work will only be enjoyed by the next tenant if you move. As an alternative, carpets provide a cozy flooring that can easily be removed and taken with you when you move. Or, for a less permanent option, rugs provide the coziness of carpets with the ease of being simply rolled up when the time comes to leave.

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