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Christmas in June?

Y'all, I want to be really honest with you it's June 1st, and I still have my Christmas tree up. Yep, you heard that right! There are several reasons as to why it's still up beyond just the natural reason of being lazy. You see, Cory and I normally spend Christmas day at either his Mom's house, or my Parent's house. Neither one of them live close, so, in years past we haven't put up a tree. We have large furniture in our living room, and we really don't have the space for one. However, this year I found a great deal on a skinny tree, and I couldn't resist getting it! 

The tree went up right after Thanksgiving, and it has stayed up, lol. The reasons for the tree still being up are understandable, and also pure stubborness. You see, many of you know that while we were on vacation in January, I broke my foot and severely sprained my ankle. Both Cory and I also got very sick while on the trip, and when we returned we got sick again. So there was no one to help me take the tree down. He went back to work and I was stuck on the couch for another six weeks. I couldn't bring in the ornament tubs from the garage, or stand long enough comfortably to take down the decorations and tree. So it remained up!

Once I got the all clear from the Doctor, it was the middle of March, and Covid-19 was in full force. People were starting to put their trees back up for a bit of joy and happiness, and we decided to leave ours up. So, here we are June 1st, 2020, my state has just entered phase 3 of reopening, and my Christmas tree is still up. At this point, I am completely committed to leaving it up until next Christmas. I mean, why not. I'm over the embarrasment of people seeing it, and it's a good conversation starter. It's a little worse for wear, seeing as Luna, our pit mix puppy, has destroyed the ornaments on the bottom third of the tree. She also, while unplugged, chewed the light strand and ruined that, so we'll have to re-string it. She's more and more like a cat the older she gets! So, my tree is still up, it's staying up, and that's all there is to it!

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  1. That actually isn't such a bad idea. Nice way to bring a little happiness home with all we are dealing with right now.


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