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A Buyer's Guide to Baby Monitors

Having children is one of the most delightful events one can enjoy in life:  helping an innocent, eager and loving child grow, learn and mature is one of the few truly meaningful experiences we can achieve in life.  Babies and youngsters thrive in a loving, protective environment and give us as parents a chance to become the best versions of ourselves we never thought possible.

So, watching over our little people is extremely important in order to protect their innocence and to create a strong foundation of trust and security that will help them grow and develop into meaningful members of society.  

Constantly observing our children can, however, be challenging for today’s parents, especially when we are so busy looking after our homes, yards, and daily tasks.  How can we add this very important activity to our hectic days?

Well, baby monitors are the answer.  These simple devices give you the comfort and satisfaction of watching your smaller people while you are elsewhere in your home.  Your job as protector and supervisor is secured because you have an ever-watching eye observing them at all times.  One quick view of your monitor can help you determine the cause of a problem and whether you need to visit your child or not.

To make your job as a caring parent even easier is to consider adding a two-room monitor, one that features more than one camera to provide a more enhanced view of your children.  These units are ideal for families who have more than one child or who want to regularly monitor their youngsters in various rooms.  Now you can watch over your baby in the nursery while still checking on your other child in her bedroom.  Being able to watch over all of your children at once creates a more comfortable and secure feeling for a devoted parent.

Some monitors are even more remarkable as they feature two-way communication.  This enables you to speak with your child directly, or comfort a restless baby at night, without having to leave your bed and disturb your other family members.  This feature also helps your children become more comfortable during their hectic days as they are never alone and know 
that Mommy or Daddy is always there looking after them.  These systems simply connect multiple cameras to one parental monitoring unit, making your task much easier and more convenient. Choosing the most suitable baby monitor for you and your baby is easy to say than done. Seeking online reviews and guides will help you pick the right product, just head over to https://www.mymomshops.com/best-baby-monitor, and check the top baby monitor brands in the market.

When shopping for a baby monitor, there are a few specifics you should look for:

 The Size of the Display Unit
Choose the size that most conveniently fits your lifestyle.  Small monitors can easily fit into a pocket and can be taken with you wherever you go in your home.  Larger units give you a more complete view of your child and his environment if more detail is important to you.

How Many Cameras Are Included
Most monitors come with one or two cameras, although additional ones may be purchased separately.  Before you purchase a unit you should consider how many cameras you would like to set up in your home and which style of monitor will suit your needs.

The camera of a baby monitor is connected to the parent’s unit via a digital transmission or a WiFi connection.  Both of these options feature positives and negatives, depending on the requirements of the parents.  A digital transmission, for example, cannot be hacked and may be a better choice if security is an issue.  While this option is safer, it does not always ensure a strong connection in all houses as some building materials may interfere with the digital transmission.  Wifi units are not as secure, but do offer much improved connection rates.  

Power Source
Choosing a correct power option is equally important for a baby monitor.  Some systems run on batteries (which can become costly) while others use power adapters that can reduce the portability of the system.  To make this choice a bit easier, some manufacturers offer rechargeable batteries, and others supply both a battery and an adapter for your convenience.

Each system operates over a different distance range, although all units will stop working if they are too far away from the parent’s monitor.  You will need to consider the size of your home and whether you may spend time outside while your baby may be sleeping.  Both of these possibilities may require a monitor system that features a greater distance range in order to be effective.

Sound Activation
Some units require both the camera and audio to be in operation simultaneously which can cause the battery to drain much quicker.  Other systems permit you to use only the video or the audio at once, but not at the same time.  Still other monitor systems rely on sound to activate the video feed which will result in a much longer-life battery.  It is important to understand these options so you can make a suitable choice for your requirements.

Night Vision
This option provides a parent with additional security as the child can be viewed at night.  There are various forms of night vision available on different systems:  some use infrared which supplies a clear image of the child, while others show a simple image of the youngster’s body heat.

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