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7 reasons why you should use a stroller fan

Stroller fans do more than give young children something to stare at and try to grab. They have a number of benefits that makes them essential for parents of young children. Here are 7 reasons why you should use a stroller fan.

It Keeps Your Child Safe
Stroller fans provide a steady stream of air to your child. This can reduce the risk of overheating in the summer. It can also reduce the risk of suffocation for a young child, just as a ceiling fan is correlated to a lower risk of crib death. 
And if you have a weather shield, you need a stroller fan to ensure adequate ventilation unless you’re literally using a mesh net to cover the stroller.

It Helps Everyone Keep Their Cool
Children let you know when they’re unhappy. Babies and toddlers may cry, whine or throw tantrums when they’re uncomfortable. And they’re going to be uncomfortable if they’re hot and sweating. 
Stroller fans help children to stay cool with or without misters or ice packs. If your child isn’t irritable because they’re uncomfortable, they’re less likely to have a fit. 
And you’re not going to be as frustrated as a parent because of a crying, whining child, whether you’re going for a jog or walking through the store.

It Makes It Easier for Babies to Sleep
Have you ever tossed and turned lying under hot blankets? Your child will, too. Give your child adequate airflow while sitting or lying down in their stroller, and they’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep. 
A side benefit of the fan noise is that it will help drown out outside noises that might disturb your child. The stroller fan becomes a familiar white noise machine.

It Is Ecofriendly
A stroller fan allows you to keep your child cool without relying on a steady stream of chilled single-use water bottled or chemical-laced chill packs. All you have to do is use reusable or re-chargeable batteries to keep your child cool. 
A side benefit of using portable fan is that you can use it in other areas such as keeping your child cool in the car seat without running the car air conditioner.

It Benefits Baby’s Skin
Your child can develop diaper rash when there is waste sitting against their delicate skin. Your child can develop a similar rash if they’re lying on hot, sweaty blankets for an extended period of time, too. 
You’re also creating the ideal conditions for fungal infections like athlete’s foot. A stroller fan can provide the air flow necessary to prevent this.

It Is Convenient
One of the points in favor of stroller fans is the convenience. Turn it on when you need it. Turn if off if you don’t. All you have to worry about is the battery, and you might be able to recharge that it in the car or from your laptop. 
Stroller fans eliminate the need to refrigerate cool packs and remember to take them with you. Nor do you need to add water to wet rags or misters, both of which need to be cleaned once in a while to prevent mold.

It Has So Many Other Uses
We’ve mentioned that stroller fans can be used inside the car to keep a child in their car seat cool. Yet you can use the stroller fan in many other ways. Use it to cool down an overheating computer. Or use it to keep yourself cool when you’re in the office. 
There are more creative ways to use the stroller fan, too. Let it blow paper streamers to entertain a toddler, or hold a bubble wand in front of it. For more details, Check parentstab.com here. 

Stroller fans should be seen as more than an accessory. They should be recognized as essential tools for every parent on the go.

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