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5 Ways to Make Your Old Car Look New

Over the years, your vehicle starts to show its age, no matter how well you take care of it. The easy fix is to sell it or trade it in, but that option may not be available to you. For car owners that choose to make do with what they have, consider these customization options for your favorite ride.

Private Number Plates

Older number plates tend to rust, and the paint starts to flake. Purchasing a new, private number plate can bring years back to your vehicle by making it look cleaner. You don’t need to get anything fancy, though there are many combinations available. Click here to see all the moderately priced options available for your vehicle. 

Paint Over Small Dings

Cleaning your car can make it look newer, but some dings or scrapes remain after giving the vehicle a hand wash and polish. A shiny paint job will make your car look brand new, and it may be more cost-effective if you have multiple tiny scratches or dull oxidation around the tire wheels. To save money, paint the car yourself. It will take some hours, but it will be worth it.

Upgrade Sound System

Technology upgrades quickly these days, so a sound system from the 80s will sound weak compared to the booming base of today’s models. If you’re using a tape extension to plug an AUX cable into your deck, it’s probably time to throw it out. Upgrade your head unit or the entire system to launch your vehicle into the modern-day. Opt for a touchscreen stereo system that features Bluetooth, satellite radio, and USB charging for your phone. More sophisticated decks will have a competent GPS so you can concentrate on the road without fiddling with your phone.

Catch up on Maintenance

Letting those small problems add-up can make your car look and sound older than it is. To make a significant improvement to your vehicle, fix or repair squeaky brakes, have your exhaust system examined for leaks, replace the battery, and attach anything that’s rattling back onto your car securely. If the repairs exceed the cost of what the vehicle is worth, it may be time to scrap it. However, replacing the battery and oil are standard - so do them anyway.

Upgrade Your Tires

Some of us aren’t the best at driving, and sometimes we accidentally brake too hard and wreck our tires. Cheap car washes can also damage your tires, so upgrade your wheels for something shiny and new if you’ve been using the same set for years. Buying new tires also makes driving safer, because the treads can grip on the road better. If you’re happy with the style of wheels, just refinish the wheels instead if they’re less than two years old. Switch to a black finish on the rims if you want something more stylish, or opt for some blue or gold. Upgrades always make your car look newer, so try out different colors!

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