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4 Tips for Working from Home

The remote working trend has been spreading from industry to industry for quite some time. Now that the coronavirus pandemic is forcing the world to practice strict social distancing, working from home is more popular and widespread than ever before. However, it comes with its own unique set of challenges, especially if you are a person who tends to procrastinate or if you have kids. 

Struggling to get into a routine? Here are some great tips to remember to help streamline your remote working experience:
Ensure a secure internet connection 
Data safety concerns are heightened when an employee works from home compared to when they work inside an office. Luckily, securing your internet connection and confidential work data is easy when you invest in a personal virtual private network from a trusted service provider such as NordVPN. 
Quality VPNs will offer you next-generation encryption to protect your data and internet connection from opportunistic internet service providers and hackers. Your work emails, online banking details, private conversations, etc. will all be 100% protected regardless of the websites you visit. Plus, a VPN can help to strengthen your internet connection too. No more buffering or lagging during important Zoom or Skype meetings!
Be sure to check online for a NordVPN coupon before signing up for a plan. You could save up to 75%! 
Maintain your old work schedule 
This is a great way to ensure that you retain your usual work capacity and productivity levels. If you used to arrive at the office at 9am sharp and leave for home at 5:30pm, strive to keep your hours as close to this as possible. Also, allow yourself to take short 15 minute breaks for every hour that you work. Doing so can help to improve your focus and concentration for longer periods. 
Lay down the law
If your children are over the age of three, they will understand the concept of ‘don’t disturb mommy when she is working’. Make sure that you set clear rules and boundaries from the start, taking extra care to ensure that they have access to activities to keep them busy until you are free to close your laptop. 
Younger children will obviously struggle to keep their distance from you for extended stretches. Remedy the problem by getting help from your partner or a friend and then spend time with them during your breaks, giving them your undivided attention – no typing out an email with one hand while racing cars on the living room floor with the other! 
Be kind to yourself 
Adjusting to a new remote working set-up can be challenging, especially if you haven’t ever really done it before. It will take time before you feel comfortable with it and, as a result, you might not be quite as productive as you usually are for a few weeks – and that’s okay. You can be sure that your employer understands the extent of the adjustment. Just take every opportunity to communicate with your superiors and to ask for what you need when you need it. Having access to consistent support from upper management is crucial right now. 

Good luck!

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