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3 Things That Will Help You Stay Sane During Lockdown

To say that the coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by surprise would be an understatement. With state and local governments issuing harsh shelter-in-place orders in certain areas, many people have been left wondering not only how long such measures will be necessary, but also how they are going to keep their families entertained when the usual outings and activities are off limits.

Thankfully, there are ways of keeping everyone entertained and happy even though spending time with friends and going to public places like the park are still off limits.
Here are three things that will help you stay sane while you and your family are observing the recommended shelter-in-place measures.

1. Classic Games

The coronavirus pandemic has given many families a rare opportunity to spend some serious quality time together while things like school and work are on hold. If this is the case for your family, why not take advantage of the situation to hold a classic game night? Getting everyone together for some lighthearted competition will help take the edge off of those long days spent at the house.
As far as games go, your coronavirus essentials should definitely include a pack of playing cards. There are so many classic card games that the whole family will enjoy. You might also be able to sneak in a game of solitaire if you have some rare time to yourself.

2. Gardening Supplies

Nothing helps pass the time and give you a sense of accomplishment quite like growing things in your garden. If you are stuck at home due to lockdown orders, now is the perfect time to give your garden a makeover. Cut the grass and turn up some soil for a brand new garden where you can grow flowers for a pop of mood-brightening color. You might also try your hand at growing some fruits and vegetables for yourself. There is something supremely satisfying about eating a salad full of vegetables that you grew at home.

3. A Meal Delivery Subscription

One of the most difficult adjustments that many people have had to make during the coronavirus pandemic has been acclimating themselves to the temporary closing of their favorite restaurants. Moreover, some people don’t feel quite comfortable at this time going to restaurants for carry-out or takeaway meals. With the option to simply head out to eat for dinner suddenly off the table, so to speak, it can be easy to get frustrated about how much cooking you have to do every week. It can also be tough trying to come up with a wide variety of meals that your family will enjoy.

An excellent way to give yourself a break without breaking lockdown rules is to sign up for a meal subscription service. You can have fresh ingredients and a complete recipe delivered right to your door. The ingredients are already measured out for your convenience, so all you have to do is follow the instructions and set the table.

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