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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving Internationally

If you’ve lived in your home country your whole life and are ready for an adventure, it’s time to consider moving to a new country. Before you make any decisions related to moving, though, ask yourself the following questions.

Do You Qualify for Citizenship?

Every country has different citizenship laws. Some require you to apply before you move and have wait times of years or more. Others allow you to move to the country and then begin the citizenship process. Keep an eye out for special programs such as BC PNP that expedite the process for people who meet certain skill requirements. If you do not want to move to a new country permanently, investigate different visa laws, which vary based on how long you want to stay.

Do You Have a Job?

You should never move to a new country without first securing a job. The cost of living may differ drastically between your country and your new home, and you do not want to be caught unprepared for your first rent payment. If your current company has international branches, then you can request a transfer to one of their overseas locations, but otherwise, you need to conduct a job search. Remember that your employment status may affect your citizenship application, so make finding a new job your first priority.

Do You Understand the Culture?

Some countries have very similar cultures. For example, the United States and Canada share many customs and expectations because of their proximity. However, the farther away from your home you travel, the more likely customs are to be different. Before you move, learn about how people are expected to dress. For example, in some countries, it is inappropriate for adults to ever wear shorts in public. Additionally, investigate the language. Do people speak English, or do they expect everyone to speak their native language? Spend some time familiarizing yourself with basic expressions in your new country’s tongue in case you are ever caught in a situation in which no one speaks English. If you’re struggling to find information about a country, check its embassy’s website.
Moving to a new country is a great way to expand your horizons, meet new people and experience a different way of living. However, it’s also a complicated process that changes your life. Ask yourself these questions before you move to make sure that you’re ready for the next steps.

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