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What is the First Thing You'll Do After Quarantine?

Being in quarantine and figuring out how to navigate this pandemic has not been easy for anyone. We have been staying away from everyone because we want to be healthy enough to see my in-laws. I miss them so very much and I know my kids do, too. When it is safer, I'm going to see them first. 
We don't all get lucky like I do to have such amazing in-laws. I have always gotten along very well with them and love them like my own parents. They are also so incredibly amazing with my kids. My mother in-law was a preschool teacher for over a decade and my father in-law is an engineer who loves trains.

Other than seeing family, I really am just looking to a sense of normalcy, although I know our new normal won't be the same since we're still going to be social distancing and wearing masks to protect ourselves and others. Like visiting a salon! My hair is looking pretty wild lately, but I am resisting the urge to cut it myself. 

I miss my family, but I know we are trying to make sure everyone stays healthy. 

So, in the meantime, we video chat and remember how lucky we are that we have such a loving family. 

What do you want to do first after quarantine? 


  1. I just want things to be back to normal but that will never happen.We will have a "new" normal. I would like to go on vacation since we had to cancel our one we had set up for this month.


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