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What About the Dog, By Christine Ciana Calabrese, #MBPPETGUIDE20

Thank you so much to Christine Ciana Calabrese, for sending me a copy of her 
book to review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

My husband and I live alone in Oklahoma, with the nearest family member more than 3 hours away in Kansas. We have two dogs, Diesel and Luna, and when we go away on vacation or to visit family, we usually board our dogs at their Vet. We leave an in case of an emergency number with them, and go about our way, checking in on them throughout our trip. Normally we don't worry about them, but last year, our late dog Buddy was beginning to show his age and had major health issues. We were so worried that something would happen while we were gone, and wondered how it would be handled by our Vet. It got us thinking that we needed to have a plan. Unfortunately, Buddy is no longer with us, but we have a new puppy, Luna and we still don't have a plan in place for her, or Diesel. 

Since we live in Oklahoma, and tornadoes are a real threat, it's not something that we take lightly.  We've had a few too many close calls recently. With Buddy's passing, and all of our severe weather threats, it was time for us to take action so our family and friends would know our wishes for our dogs. What About the Dog?, written by Christine Ciana Calabrese was created for people just like us, who are wondering what might happen to their pets in the event that we might not be there to care for them. It's a tough conversation to have, but one that is extremely important. Our dogs are basically our kids, and I want to make sure that they are well taken care of, even if we are not there to make those decisions. 

Our Pups, Luna, and Diesel

Christine carefully created her book in the event that she were no longer here to care for her pets, since they are like children to her, as well. What About the Dog?, has many different sections which are designed to offer tips, support, and allows you to tell all about your pet, all within it's 79 pages. It is written to include space for two dogs, which is perfect for our family since we have Diesel and Luna! I wouldn't dream of leaving one of them out of this book. It's full of great information and tips that really got some discussion between Cory and I going, and made me realize that with this book, our pets wouldn't be a burden on their new caregiver, if that time were to come. 

The Sections for you to fill out in the journal are as follows:

  • My Dog(s)-This is where you give your pet's names and you can add their pictures. There is enough space for two dogs. 
  • Emergency Contacts-This is fairly self explanatory.
  • Emergency Caregivers-Here you'll be able to list your emergency caregiver's info.
  • Emergency Care Info- You'll answer questions about medication, food and so much more. 
  • Veterinary Information-Here you'll give their Vet's information, and answer other health related questions.
  • Legal Documents- There are several legal questions to answer, some you may not have thought about. 
  • Dislikes and Phobias- Is your dog okay with being picked up? You'll answer those types of questions in this section. 
  • Communication Style and Quirky Behavior- Does your dog answer to hand signals, or does he lick the tile when he's hot? Here's your chance to let everyone know their unique habits!
  • Diet and Feeding- What type of food does your dog eat? When do they eat? 
  • Exercise- Do you go for walks? What side do they walk on?  Good info to keep them healthy.
  • While Left at Home- There are so many good questions to answer about what happens if and when they are left home alone. 
  • Grooming-Professional and at home grooming info.
  • Potty Habits- This is a section that people would most likely not think about being important, but it is!
  • Discipline- How do you discipline your dog? 
  • Sleeping Arrangements- When does your dog go to bed, where do they sleep? 
  • In the Car- What are their habits like in the care?
  • Clothing and Accessories- Does your dog wear pet clothing? 
  • Friends and Foes- Is your dog socialized?
  • Special Needs- Does your dog have any special needs or health concerns?
  • Certifications- You'll be able to list any certifications your dog holds. 

Christine also gives information on Animal Sanctuaries, Rehoming Organizations and Useful Resources, which is all great information that I wouldn't have even thought about before reading this book. While many people have family that can take care of their dogs, there are others out there that don't have that option. This gives valuable information for those looking for other options for their beloved dogs. 

What About the Dog?, Notes on the left, and Vet Info on the right.

I am really impressed by the time and attention to detail that was put into this book/journal. Each section has an area for notes where you can add additional information or thoughts that you feel relevant to that section. I love that there is a question about whether your dog wears their collar inside or not. Diesel does not wear his collar unless we are going somewhere, and then he wears his collar and his harness, but no one would know that unless they read this book. Something that is also important is that Diesel is allergic to chicken, and can only have certain food and treats. He is a bit picky, but he also suffers from G.I. issues, which only his Vet, and our family know about. Without someone reading What About the Dog, they could possibly cause major harm to him, but I have peace of mind knowing that they'll know what he's able to handle. 

As we began to fill out the book, I started to realize that there is so much information that someone would need to know about our babies. You wouldn't leave your children with a baby sitter without giving them some type of instructions, so the same goes for our pups. They are each unique in character and have very different personalities, this journal gave us the opportunity to explain everything in detail and be able to think about things we might not have thought about. Like how we need to contact our financial planner and ask him about legal documents for our dogs, and making sure that they are legally taken care of. We'll be able to bring this book with us in order to make sure that we don't forget anything. Or making sure to write down Luna's microchip ID number, in case her tag is ever lost or stolen. Christine took the guess work out of all of this for us!

Diesel is ever so grateful for this book!

I know that in the future our dog's will be well taken care of, whether it is by us, or our emergency caregiver. I plan to bring this with us whenever we board our dogs, or have someone take care of them. I don't want them to second guess our wishes for them, and with What About the Dog?, we don't have to worry about that. I am so happy that I was given the chance to review this journal, I am so very grateful to have it for our dog's well being, and honestly I feel like all pet parents could benefit from it! Thank you, Christine, your book is a game changer for pet parents!

Want It? Get It!

 What About the Dog? by Christine Ciana Calabrese can be purchased on Amazon, for $9.99. 
You can follow her on Facebook: @whataboutthedogbook. Instagram: whataboutthedogbook, Twitter: whtabtthedogbk, make sure to use #Becauseourdogisfamily, when you reference this book!

Let us know in the comments what you find most helpful about this book. 
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