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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Wrapping Up May 2020

Happy Saturday, friends! It's hard to believe, but here we are at the end of May 2020. As much as these days have been blending together, they've been zooming right on by as well. It's so weird to feel like so much is going on while at the same time next to nothing is really happening.

The girls still have 13 days of school left for the year. I am looking forward to the break, although with so many of our favorite summertime hangouts being closed (and not having a definite date of when they'll be open) I'm not too sure how exciting our summer will turn out to be. We're still working on plans for our yard, to make it a great place for the kids to hang out, but it's pretty small and I'm starting to feel a little deflated by the lack of ideas we are able to implement and the minimal amount of time we seem to actually be able to do any of the work. I'm not giving up though, not at all!

In addition to the plans for the yard, we are also working on a plan to makeover the girls' bedroom again. As much as I'd love to be able to give them both their own room, it's just not a possibility at the moment. I feel bad for both of them because I also have younger sisters and I remember wanting my own bedroom/space so much when I was younger. I think it's even worse for them because they have been with one another 24/7 since March, with the only break being little more than an hour when D had an orthodontist appointment and R stayed with her Aunt Jess. My girls love one another, but there is a (nearly) 5-year difference between them and they definitely need a break from one another once in a while. 

Since today looks like it'll be a rainy mess of a day, we'll be taking advantage of the time to work on the bedroom makeover plans. R has already, excitedly, voiced quite a few suggestions and I'm sure D will be voicing some of her own today. Here's hoping Matt doesn't wish he actually did go to work today 😉

Do you have any makeover plans for a special spot at your house? Please let me know I'm not alone in the constant planning/trying/modifying plans/retrying/losing my marbles mess of it all!

Have a stupendous Saturday!

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