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Top 3 Essential Oils For Outdoor Fun

We are super excited that Mommy’s Block Party has teamed up with Gail Dupre - Wellness~Life Transformation Coach and Essential Oils Educator (go ahead follow her Facebook page) to bring our readers fantastic Essential Oil information. 

Every Thursday at 3 pm on Mommy’s Block Party Facebook page, we will be discussing oils and how we can use them in our everyday life.  This week’s topic was Essential Oils For Outdoor Fun. 

Here is the replay:

Essential Oils For Outdoor Use

Now let’s talk about some things that were brought up and go more in-depth on the oils.  Gail introduced three essential oils that you can use as Insect Repellents.  I was super excited to learn more because BUGS love me.  

Every time I’m in the backyard, I will get a bug bite of some kind- I swear. The other day I had bites around my ankle and yesterday one big bite on my arm.  I love the backyard, but I don’t like the bugs! My husband jokes about how sweet I am. Well, I’m not going to be so sweet now because now I know what oils to use to get these bugs to back off! 

doTERRA oils - Essentials Oils for Outdoor Fun


The first one Gail introduced was doTERRA Terrashield Outdoor Blend, which is your ideal safe and natural outdoor companion. You can apply directly to legs, arms, and neck or put a diffuser outside- either way, you will be covered.  


  • Delivers an invigorating aroma

  • Provides skin-soothing benefits

  • Creates an inviting atmosphere when diffused

  • May be used by everyone in the family

If you go hiking or camping, this is MUST HAVE!  Did you see you can get this oil in a 30mL spray bottle as well? 

Here is what is in it- a combination of Fractionated Coconut Oil, Ylang Ylang Flower, Tamanu Seed, Nootka Wood, Cedarwood Wood, Catnip Plant, Lemon Eucalyptus Leaf, Litsea Fruit, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Arborvitae Wood


Most people have heard of Citronella, but when we think of it’s mainly those candles, we sit outside that STINKS!  The doTERRA Citronella Essential Oil is a powerful pest repellent that keeps creepy-crawlers out of the house and off your skin and clothing. It masks the human scent that insects find appealing. Gail also pointed out this is also an excellent cleaning oil! I love oils that can do more than one thing.  


  • Natural pest repellent

  • Cleans surfaces

  • Emotionally uplifting and stress-reducing

  • Skin and scalp soother and booster

When I’m in the sun, I tend to burn, and my scalp always gets red, so knowing what this oil does- it will be a must-have summertime oil for me! 


Now let’s discuss doTERRA Geranium Essential Oil, which promotes healthy, glowing skin and hair while providing a sweet, floral aroma. I love the scent of Geranium, but I didn’t know it helped keep the bugs away until Gail told us. I’m blown away with all the ways essential oils can be a part of our daily life. 


  • Promotes the appearance of clear, healthy skin

  • Naturally repels insects

  • Gives hair a vibrant, healthy glow

Of course, the oil ingredients have the Geranium Flower/Leaf plus Citronellol, citronellyl formate, geraniol.  

Gail also shared some BUG REPELLANT RECIPES with us! I created a PDF you can print out and put on your fridge if you want. CLICK HERE to print

Also, make sure you are using PURE ESSENTIAL OILS- like doTERRA Oils. This is very important for me since I'm a mom I only want to use family-friendly products. Plus also healthy for PETS!

Make sure to watch the above video to get all the amazing information Gail Dupre has for us!  

If interested in learning more about doTERRA oils please contact Gail on Facebook plus check out her doTERRA Store, and please grab the above Outdoor Fun Essential Oils!   

Don't forget to join us EVERY THURSDAY AT 3 pm on Mommy's Block Party Facebook page!

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  1. ULTA Rose Essential Oil is my love. This was my favorite scent of all the essential oils in this line that ULTA sells. It is made in China, which is not my preference. It also costs more than every other essential oil scent in this line sold by ULTA. The next highest scent costs $8.


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