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Southern Style Vinegar Green Beans

Let me tell y'all something, I am a southern, yankee at heart, who just so happens to live in Oklahoma by way of Kansas, lol. Along the way I have picked up a love for Rutt's Hut relish, Lucky Leo's Arcade, Sweet Tea, Vinegar BBQ, and Southern Green Beans! Those yummy beans with their sweet, vinegar, bacon flavor, just melts in your mouth. I love them so much, but living in OK, it's hard to find places that make it the way I like. Most places out here don't use vinegar, and that's just not right. 

A few nights ago, I had a hankering for some beans, and started rummaging through my pantry. I love to cook, but there are times when I can be called somewhat of a "lazy cook." If I can find a way to make it easier, then I'm going to! I had canned green beans, bacon bits, vinegar, and sugar and onion. All the things that I needed to create my own version of these yummy green beans. 

I decided I needed to try and make them, knowing good and well I'd be the only one in my family to eat them, it just meant more for me!  This recipe comes together easily, and it pretty cheap to make. You can easily adapt the amount of any ingredient in here to make it more to your liking! 

Southern Style Vinegar Green Beans

  •  2 Cans of Cut Green Beans, drained
  •  1 Medium onion diced
  •  3 Tbs butter 
  •  1 Bag Real Bacon Pieces
  •  2 tsp Sugar
  •  3 Tbs of White or Apple Cider Vinegar
  •  Salt and Pepper to taste

In a medium to large skillet, melt 2Tbs of butter and saute onions until tender. Add in drained green beans, and saute over low-med heat for 5 minutes. Add in salt, pepper and bacon and continue to cook for 5 more minutes. Once you can smell the bacon, add in your sugar first, stir to incorporate, then add vinegar. Let this all cook over low heat for 10 more minutes, you can cover with a lid if you'd like. Once done, stir in the last Tbs of butter to give a bit more butter flavor! I also like to add mushrooms to mine for a little more protein.

If you don't like vinegar, you can use Coconut or regular Aminos!

Serve with your favorite meals and enjoy! 


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