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Shout-Out to the Amazing Mothers-In-Law

My first Mother's Day, May 2016

Mother's Day is less than a week away and while many are planning how to spoil their mothers, I am thinking of ways to spoil my mother-in-law. She is simply the most compassionate, understanding, and encouraging woman I know. Today I am celebrating those mothers-in-law that enrich our lives and our kids' lives. 
For those of you that don't know, my mother passed away suddenly when I was 11 years old. My dad was always a rock star, but proved he was the world's greatest after that, but that'll be another blog for another day.

Being only 11 and having a somewhat traumatic ending to my mom's life, it is even difficult for me to remember the events of my life before she died. I can remember certain big events, but small memories are tough to recall. 

I had a wonderful childhood and my dad did an amazing job all around especially considering the circumstances. When I met Jon, though, I realized I had missed out on having traditions and having those special moments with a mom. We never really celebrated the holidays on the exact holidays or had certain meals we made. Of course, I am extremely close with my dad because of my childhood, but there never really is no replacing a parent, family member, or close friend that you've lost. 

Linda is has not replaced my mom, but she is happy to include me in her family and call me her own. I absolutely cannot put into words how grateful I am for her, her kindness, and how remarkable she is with my kids. 

Here are a few things I have learned from my amazing mother-in-law: 

  • A house is meant to be lived in. Don't worry about the messes; enjoy the life.
  • Play with those kids, the time goes quickly.
  • Talk about your feelings. My family was always very conservative in talking about things, but I am so much healthier emotionally than I ever was.
  • Be silly and play games. Linda is the queen of all games and simply loves to have fun. 
  • Keep traditions and make your own. The holidays and other celebrations are ever more special with those yummy eggnog milkshakes or sugar cookies iced by the kids. 
  • Be understanding. I can talk to Linda about anything and know she will not judge me, but will be honest from marriage advice to advice about the kids. That kind of unconditional love is something to be cherished. 
The person I want to see the most after my dad is my mother-in-law and I know my kids feel the same way. 

What do you love about your mother--in-law or what have you learned from her? 

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