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Retirement Investing Alternatives You Haven't Thought About

If you are looking for advice on where to invest your retirement cash index and EFT funds get the most favorable reviews.  In fact, 45% of all assets in the US stock market are in passively managed funds. Great alternatives to stock market investing exist.  Consider these attractive options to diversify your investment portfolio.

Precious Metal IRA

Just because America is no longer on the gold standard doesn’t mean investing in precious metals can’t be part of your retirement portfolio.  A gold IRA allows investors to purchase precious metals within a tax-advantaged retirement account.  Not all accounts offer the option to purchase precious metals so you may need to open a new account before you are able to invest in gold. Another option is trading, but it's definitely important to do your research as you buy, sell, and trade. Check out commodity trading uk for ideas on how to make smart investments.

Real Estate

Owning rental property is a superb way to diversify any retirement portfolio.  However, being a landlord isn’t an easy job.  Hiring a property management company can help ease the workload, but also cuts into profits.  A simple way to break into the real estate market without having to own and manage a property is through real estate investment trusts (REITs.)  Similar to a stock, these companies allow you to buy shares of the business and pay you a quarterly dividend based on profits.  You can also slowly increase your position in a REIT over time which reduces the needed capital that a typical real estate investment requires.


Great for investors with a low risk tolerance, annuities offer guaranteed monthly payments for the duration of your retirement.  Annuities are typically sold by insurance companies and purchased for either a lump sum or through monthly payments.  Annuity payouts are linked to interest rates at the time of purchase, making them a more attractive investment when interest rates are high.

Peer-to-peer Lending

Also known as micro-lending or crowdlending, peer-to-peer lending allows you to loan your hard-earned money to needy individuals with smart business ideas.  Various platforms are available to connect lenders and borrowers.  Within the platforms, you can select your risk level and earn interest on the loans you provide.  A small percentage of borrowers default on these loans, meaning there is a risk that you will incur some losses.  Overall, it can be an impressive addition to your retirement portfolio because it has higher interest rates than savings and CD accounts.

You don’t have to follow the masses when saving and investing for retirement.  With some research, you can find great alternatives to stock market investing.

Don't forget about these wonderful suggestions as you work toward financially securing your future. It's never too late or too early to start learning about the various ways you can save for retirement.

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