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My Favorite Reruns- 3 Shows I Loved as A Kid That I'm Enjoying Again as An Adult!

One good thing I've experienced during this entire social distancing thing....I've been reading so much more. I'm currently on my 41st book, and I love it, but it is a long-winded one and sometimes Mama just needs a break. Thank goodness for streaming services because I've been rediscovering some television shows I used to watch and now I get to enjoy them all over again!

We subscribe to quite a few streaming services since we cut cable, but the shows I've been re-watching most are on Hulu.

1. Doogie Howser, M.D. 

This was one of my favorite shows growing up. I was slightly younger than D is now when it first aired. I have an uncle who happened to bear resemblance to "Doogie" then, and much to his chagrin, I referred to him as "Uncle Doogie" for the longest time. It's so funny the memories that rewatching this show brings up. 

2. Designing Women

Oh my goodness, rewatching this has made me see how great and ahead of its time this show was. R is older now than I was when this show first came out, but I remember watching it with my Mom and Gram from time to time. Dixie Carter was my favorite because I remembered seeing her on Diff'rent Strokes and watching it now she's my favorite because I love the strong-willed, no-nonsense, take-charge character she plays. I wouldn't mind being more like Julia Sugarbaker when I grow up!

3. Full House

I don't think I've ever stopped watching this show. From the moment it ended, we've been able to catch reruns almost incessantly. It's gone from being a show that I grew up with to one my girls are growing up with I LOVE that. Plus, we all get to catch up with the characters in the spin-off, Fuller House, which we also love. 

What are some of the shows you watched growing up? Have you been able to re-watch them on a streaming service? Let me know what show I should re-watch next in the comments. 

Have a wildly wonderful Wednesday!

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