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Mommy at Home Beauty Needs- A Review for Things You Never Knew you Needed ##MBPMOMSDAY20

Have you ever been up late at night watching infomercials and seeing this one product you absolutely need?  Ever purchase them and wonder what you were thinking?  I know I have.  Sometimes it is nice to try before you buy and I have to say I was lucky enough to be able to try before I buy these beauty products that have helped me during the last few months.

Thank you to my friends at Giddyup for providing me with products, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and experiences shared below are my own.

 Ladies, I have short hair and with all the beauty salons being closed, I am starting to feel like I could be an extra in the Lion King on Broadway when it opens back up.  I am not for at-home haircuts, but this mom is struggling to feel normal while in quarantine.  Let me introduce you to the Creaclip.  This simple tool turns cutting hair at home into art instead of bowl haircuts.  The clip gathers the hair and provides a leveler so you can see how much you are cutting and ensuring it is evenly cut.

Thank goodness for this product, because I am sure when I was little I got the bowl haircut and to this day my hair does not cooperate with me.  With the 2 different sized clips, I can texturize, add volume, cut my bangs, and give myself a trim.  The best part is I can do most of it on my own since most of my length is on top and in front of my head.   

Want it? Buy it!

Next up is Lure Essentials Glam Face Cupping System.  This product is an exercising system for your face.  How does that work? The cups work to improve blood circulation that carries nutrients to our skin.  It has been a lifesaver for me when trying to reduce fine lines from stress and reducing puffiness due to allergies.  The five-step process is quick enough to do while managing your everyday responsibilities.  Mama needs a break too.

I was a little nervous about this product because I have really sensitive skin.  I was nervous it would make me break out or would damage capillaries in my face causing redness and more issues than it says it helps.  I was pleasantly surprised that my skin looks younger and feels more refreshed.  The directions are simple and allow for maximum comfort while preparing for Glam.

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Lastly, is the Dodow- a sleep aid device to help you get to sleep when insomnia keeps you up.  The Dodow uses blue light as a focal point for calming your mind and your breathing to enable you to fall asleep.  With so much stress going on with everyone, this has been a game-changer for me.  I don't sleep well normally and since quarantine, it has gotten worse for me.  Battling depression and anxiety, I do not want to take medication for my sleeping problems and this gives me an alternative to that.
  I am a week in using this and I can fall asleep in the lowest setting which is 8 minutes.  If you need more time you can set it for 20 minutes. Studies in recent years have shown how blue light is supposed to help and relax you.  My cell phone offers it as do my tablets, but I have never been impressed with how they work.  I always felt they were clouding what I was looking at and it didn't help me feel more relaxed.  I am asleep in less than 8 minutes by focusing on the blue light on my ceiling.  I really recommend this for those that have trouble sleeping. 

 Want it? Buy it!

This mama is needing all the help she can get to feel pretty instead of feeling restless and overwhelmed.  These are products I never would have purchased for myself and sometimes these are the best kinds of things to try.  I am grateful for the introduction to each of these products because without them I wouldn't be pampering myself when I need it the most.

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