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Loss of Insurance Due to Furlough- You Have Options

Like many people, I have bee furloughed and the struggle to keep myself motivated and positive has been hard.  I thought the biggest struggle was battling anxiety and depression, but I was wrong. The biggest struggle for me was getting the notice about insurance through Cobra Health.  I completely lost my mind when I was told it would be nearly $1800.00 to cover us monthly for my family of 4.  That is more than my mortgage and an amount I am not willing to pay, but we can't be without insurance so what do I do?

    I cried for a good 2 hours feeling overwhelmed with the cost of this plan.  I kept reviewing it for a better understanding and my brain is fried.  My husband is busy at work and all I feel is that I cannot let him down and I feel like this furlough has done nothing but make me feel like a failure and now this.  I don't get angry often but the thing about me is that you don't mess with my family and you don't mess with my money.

I am going to be frank here; without the extra $600.00 per pay period on unemployment I am making roughly $1400.00 a month in unemployment.  This is not enough to cover the cost of insurance.  How is this even a real figure?  I still have bills to pay and what if that $600.00 extra was not available to me.  I am fortunate, however, and I can get on my husband's insurance.  This is great for our family but I worry about those that don't have that option or if both members of the household are on furlough.  What do they do?  Do they choose between eating, electricity, or insurance premiums?  This is wrong and unfair to expect of anyone, but especially of one that is already down on their luck with being furloughed.

Well, this mama wasn't going to take this laying down.  I don't think you should either.  You should never have to pick between necessities for your home and family.  I am here to let you know that you have options.  Don't get roped into paying astronomical fees when you don't have to.  Please look into the best options you have and it starts with a simple Google search. 

Starting with Google- Type in health insurance.  Based on your IP address Google will route you to health insurance carriers local to you.  Be mindful to compare quotes and get only what you need to have and what you can afford.

Another option is contacting the United Way.  In Connecticut, there is a number you can dial from any phone that guides you in areas you may need help.  This included mental health, job searches, domestic violence assistance, and other such life difficulties you may be facing.  I have volunteered with them here in Connecticut and their assistance is beneficial in so many ways. The number is 211.  In searching, I see this is a nationwide number.   

       This is the time to ask for help.  No one is prepared for this, but you shouldn't be expected to struggle to get by.  I pray this helps you and if you need help ask.  You are strong and we will get through this together.

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