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How to Keep Your Pre-Schooler Entertained and Learning at Home

Having kids at home during a time of social distancing is not without its challenges. I have had my hands full over the past month, trying to work from home, while also keeping up with school lessons and assignments for my third grader. I also have a preschool age child. My daughter is four years old, and is used to going to school every morning, each weekday. For all of us to be at home together (including my husband), working from different schedules, I have been looking for ways to keep my youngest busy, as well as learning. I always refer to ReadingEducation.org for expert advice on learning at home.

While I know I'm not alone in feeling like my youngest is sort of falling by the wayside throughout all of this, I know it's my responsibility to keep her busy, and keep challenging her so she continues to learn and grow here at home. When my oldest child (now age nine) was a preschooler, we really enjoyed using educational tools and resources that allowed us to supplement school lessons at home.

One of my favorite new learning tools for my daughter is the Sago Mini Box.
This fantastic monthly subscription box delivers fun learning experiences for little one- right to your door! I have spent hours scouring the internet, particularly Pinterest, trying to collect the best ideas for crafts and projects for my little one. I always wind up with great ideas, but by the time I compile those ideas, make lists of supplies needed, and then shop for said supplies, I have spent tons of time and money trying to gather what we need for projects which will only entertain my child for five minutes.

I love thoughtful and educational subscription boxes for kids, because you pay a flat monthly fee to have the activities, crafts, instructions, and all needed supplies right to your door. No more wasted time or money!

Sago Mini Box brings adventure to your kids, which is so wonderful, especially in a time when we are not able to leave our homes and embark on seemingly normal day trips. We're looking at the possibility of staying home much more this summer. While we want to be out, we know that we have to be smart to keep our kiddos safe.

While this particular box is geared toward little ones, that doesn't mean that older children won't enjoy the box, as well. My son is almost ten years old, and loves to explore the other countries and cultures of the world. This is something we started introducing to him when he was very young, and it has sparked a true love of learning, as well as a deep respect for the people and places of the world.

Our family always looks forward to subscription box delivery day! Each member of our family has their own subscription to a box they love- my youngest has the preschool exploration box, oldest has a Tinker Crate, hubby has a bacon lovers box, and have a monthly beauty box. Since we can track deliveries online, we always know when our boxes are coming, and we have tons of fun opening them together and exploring their contents as a family.

I am so happy to have such wonderful options to keep my kids learning at home while they're out of traditional school. Subscription boxes make great gifts, too! My oldest received a subscription for Christmas last year, and looks forward to receiving his box each month.

Do you have any subscription box subscriptions for yourself or your kids? 

Which ones have you tried, or which ones would you love to try?

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