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How to enjoy an engagement period with your fiance in lockdown?

The world is in lockdown, and many couples who had planned their wedding in the summers or spring are postponing. The new dates are either in winter or next year. True, due to the pandemic, a lot of engaged couples are unable to go through with their wedding plans.
While some are performing virtual weddings or getting married with only close family in their presence, it is not easy for everyone to do that. Especially for couples who are stuck in different towns with family in another. A wedding is one of the happiest and most significant events in a couple's life. On the other hand, it can be stressful as well. If couples are planning a wedding, they may find it helpful to hire a wedding planner who can help them navigate the process.

Don’t lose hope though! Everyone is working hard to find a cure, and we will come out of this. But during this period, the day of your wedding might come, and it can make you sad or unhappy. It is natural to feel that way. Still, being sad won't help you, so why not you and your fiancé enjoy the wedding day and the feeling of being engaged to your soul-mate?
Here’s some unique way to enjoy your engagement period, and the day you were supposed to get married.

1.      Penn down a beautiful thought for your fiancé

So, your wedding day is coming up, but you are not getting married. No fret! You can still make the day special by penning something beautiful and emotional for your fiancé.
You can write a love letter or post a social media post or text him your feelings.
Not sure where to start? Well, start by writing an engagement wish for your fiancé. Write about how being engaged to him makes you feel, and what are your hopes for the future, and so on.
It doesn’t have to belong or profound, but make it honest, and true. You both must be emotional as your wedding is not happening on the desired day, but this way, you can feel the love.

2.      Have a candle-light date

Go on a virtual date with your partner, or if you live together, have a candle-light dinner. There are quite many apps that you can use for a virtual date. Decorate the room with whatever decorations you have, put on your best dress and makeup.
Create a dish that the other one likes. Enjoy the wine, and talk about everything. It will be a new experience worth recounting several times.

3.      Have a DJ party

The sangeet ceremony where everyone is dancing and singing is the best part of Indian weddings. No one cares about anything and dances their heart out. Well, so what if you are unable to host a wedding?
You can certainly host a DJ party with your friends and close family, of course virtual. Invite all your closest guests to a virtual DJ party. Dim the lights, get the Diwali lights out, turn the speaker on, and dance the whole night away.
Ask everyone to dance the prepared choreography, and if you live with your family, and have one prepared too, time to win the crowd.

4.      Dress up and chat

Your wedding date is here, and you must be feeling a bit sad and lost. Beat the blues by dressing up. You can wear one of your wedding outfits if you want or any other ethnic cloth. Ask your fiancé to do the same, and take pictures.
It sounds silly, but it is better than mopping around. A great dress and someone to talk to can lift your spirits any day.

5.      Plan your honeymoon

It can be fun to plan for your honeymoon. The pandemic will end, and traveling will happen soon. So, pool in your resources, opt for a smaller wedding, and plan a big honeymoon.
Seeing the world together with your husband is a better prospect.
You both have a lot of time to do proper research on every spot you wanted to see and plan a memorable trip. Just make a planner and get everything sorted.

6.      Celebrate with some wine

Wine and champagne is the perfect way to celebrate your ‘what would have been your wedding day’. So, connect with your partner on a zoom call, pop open the bottle, and give a toast to each other.
Include your family members, and keep the bottle as keep-sake for your actual post-pandemic wedding.

The world is scary right now, but you cannot let it dwindle your spirit. Keep the faith, and celebrate, and soon you would be together with your fiancé forever.

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