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How Does Your Garden Grow....

....in a container, or at least I hope so!  

Hey friends.  I am giving this garden thing a try for the 4th time.  I have never had any luck at all, so this is probably my last go at it.  I have my fingers crossed this year.  
I didn't plan to try a garden this year, but was given a lot of plants so decided I'd go ahead and give it a shot.  I decided to do container gardens and am hoping that the animals stay away.  The past couple years that I have tried this, the animals got into my plants and messed them up.  I have a huge backyard with plenty of space for a garden but put my containers close to the deck with the hopes that would keep the animals away. It is also important to keep a check on the grow room temp and humidity so that they get the right environment to grow. We shall see.

Thankful for these from sweet friends.

Got my soil.

And some pebbles.

Some 5 gallon containers.

Holes in the bottom for water drainage.

Layer of pebbles in the bottom.

Add the soil.

Looking good.

Grow baby grow!

I did a little research about container gardens and then gathered my supplies.  I decided to do a couple small containers to save space.  I already had 2 of the big ones.  I have spent so much money in the past on gardens that never did a thing, I was trying to not go overboard.  I read drill small holes in the bottom of your containers to help water drain.  I also read to use small pebbles in the bottom of the containers to help the water drain and to keep from having to use so much soil in the big containers.  So, I got my pebbles and soil in my containers and then transferred my plants.  I have cucumber, squash and zucchini.  I also did 2 containers of potatoes, only because my friend told me they were so easy.  I can tell the biggest difference in the week since I have planted them....they have grown quite a  bit. I have had to cover them the past 3 nights because we have had some crazy, cold weather come through.  I am so excited with my little garden and keeping my fingers crossed that I get to pick some things from it soon.  

Have you ever done a container garden?  I'd love your tips and ideas! 
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  1. That is actually a smart idea you have going on. I don't have room for a garden but this might be my solution. Best of luck!


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