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How Do Stem Cell Beauty Products Work

The latest trend in health and beauty is the use of stem cells derived from plants to rejuvenate and protect skin and to promote healthy hair follicles. The science behind the latest developments in the use of plant stem cells is intriguing. Plant stem cells behave in much the same way as those in humans and animals, meaning that they can do many of the same things without the controversy surrounding stem cells derived from humans or animals. 

Cel beauty products incorporate plant stem cells into much of its skin and hair product line. Cel focuses on natural solutions to hair, skin, and nails.  Cel products strive to take advantage of what nature can do to improve health and beauty while reducing the use of chemicals. 
What are stem cells?
Stem cells are unique cells that can become specialized cells when needed, and they rapidly divide. Plant stem cells contain amino acids and proteins that signal the cells in the body to rejuvenate. When used on the skin, they send the message for the cells to rejuvenate, resulting in younger-looking skin. 
Stem cells are fascinatingly unique in that they do not have a function until called upon to serve a specific purpose.  At that time, they multiply and move in to become a specialized cell performing a particular function. Stem cells, whether human, animal, or plant, can perform any cellular function once they receive the biochemical call to do so. 
Plant stem cells originate in the meristem of the plant and are responsible for the vitality of the plant. These undifferentiated cells never undergo an aging process. They give rise to both specialized and unspecialized cells that move throughout the plant. The immortality of plant stem cells is where the potential applications for beauty products arise.
Stem cells in beauty products
The use of stem cells in beauty products is relatively new but shows strong potential to revolutionize beauty products that deal with anti-aging and rejuvenation. Stem cells are packed with amino acids and peptides, which are vital ingredients in younger-looking skin. The natural antioxidant properties in plant stem cells promote cell turnover and collagen production, renewing the elasticity in the skin. 
Stem cells are appearing in skin and hair care products because they can repair damage at a cellular level, unlike regular skincare products. Stem cell products can deliver moisture and restorative properties deeper into the skin’s cellular level.  Products based on plant stem cells can also serve to protect skin from external damage, creating a longer-lasting youthful look. 
Plant stem cells are readily available, easy to extract, and there is no worry about transmitting human or animal diseases. Many dermatologists think the use of plant stem cells will eventually change the core of the health and beauty industry by replacing current products that only treat problems on the surface of the skin. Cellular regeneration is the vital benefit of plant stem cell use in beauty products. 
Cel offers stem cell infused shampoo and conditioner designed to promote faster cell turnover rates to promote new hair growth at the follicular level. Cel’s hair thickening mask also uses plant stem cells to accomplish the same goal while providing in-depth, penetrating conditioning while protecting hair from day to day damage caused by UV rays, pollution, and heat styling. 

Plant stem cells are a barely tapped resource, but scientists are learning more every day about the potential benefits of their use. As knowledge is acquired, there will be an ever-growing number of applications for these unique cells in the beauty industry. As with all products, quality and reputation count, and not all products that profess to use stem cells or stem cell extracts are the same. Look for products that list natural ingredients instead of chemicals. 

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