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Here We Go Adventuring

There are some days, you simply must ride.

We didn't know what the day would hold for us when we awoke that morning. We puttered about, as we usually do, not knowing that in THIS day, there would be adventures unknown. 

We live on a 1 mile long, gravel and dirt road. In my opinion, it's the absolute ideal place for two little boys to grow up. That was the goal, at least. Whether or not they will one day speak those words, a parent can only hope. When we moved here six years ago, we did so with our two young sons in mind. There is very little traffic, as there are only a couple of people who live on this gravel road other than us. Our only neighbor is an elderly lady who keeps to herself and is very kind. In fact, she keeps Christmas money in envelopes by her front door because every Christmas eve, she knows we will visit and sing carols. 

This was what we had in mind when we moved to North Carolina, many years ago. We didn't want the hustle and bustle. We didn't want the heavily populated streets and cars zooming by. I think by wanting "less", we truly hoped for "more" and it is my hope that my children see why we chose to live in the midst of the woods. 

We ventured down the long and winding gravel road recently, which is not uncommon for us to do. I jogged and walked intermittently while my boys biked a safe distance ahead. Why anyone actually runs for fun is something I may never truly understand, but to each his own! 

Seeing a path off to the side of the road, my boys asked if they could check it out. I was hesitant at first, but quickly realized I may be outnumbered by two to one. When these two little besties put their collective minds to something, I can pull rank if need be, but I also love seeing the choices they make. 

Along the path, we discovered run-down barns and buildings. We witnessed two vultures swoop down right in front of us! It seemed like this path was plucked straight out of an adventure novel and was sprinkled with memory inducing imagery. 

Had we continued on and chosen to not explore the path, we may have never experienced the unknown. 

The unknown is sometimes scary. So very often we shy away from the unknown because the known is much more comfortable. I challenge you to explore the path that God has placed in front of you, today. It could be a new friendship, new job opportunity, volunteer opportunity, church ministry, new relationship of any kind or even a new pet! 

Whatever God has in store for you today, pray about it and then explore it. You just never know what is waiting for you around the next bend. 

I leave you today with lyrics from a beloved Disney movie, Pocahontas:

What I love most about rivers is
You can't step in the same river twice
The water's always changing, always flowing
But people, I guess, can't live like that
We all must pay a price
To be safe, we lose our chance of ever knowing
What's around the river bend
Waiting just around the river bend
I look once more just around the river bend
Beyond the shore where the gulls fly free
Don't know what for what I dream the day might send
Just around the river bend for me, coming for me
I feel it there beyond those trees
Or right behind these waterfalls
Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming?
For a handsome sturdy husband who builds handsome sturdy walls
And never dreams that something might be coming?
Just around the river bend
Just around the river bend
I look


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