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Happy Mother's Day

This is my first Mother's Day without my son being home with me.  My daughter lives in Florida and I have been down in the dumps.  I don't need anything fancy and it's not like we are going out anywhere so...  I did not want to celebrate today, but I don't want to have a pity party.  I have so much to celebrate today and every day.  I have two of the best blessings anyone could ever ask for.

 On Friday, my son graduated basic training in the army.  His bravery and selflessness are inspirational to me.  This weekend should have been a family weekend on base but was canceled for the safety of the soldiers and the families.  I haven't seen my son in 9 weeks and I am struggling.  I miss him terribly and he can only call so often.  I have been so upset about not being able to be there this weekend, but everything happens for a reason.
 I belong to a support group that helps me cope with him being away from home and I met so many people struggling the way I am.  I met a mom yesterday who received some bad news about her soldier and she was really worried.  I asked my son about this soldier and they happen to be friends.  My son gave up time with his phone to have this soldier call his mom.  Her excitement was contagious but more so I was happy to have her hear news from her son and feel complete.  She needed that call more than anything and I was glad to intervene and ask E about it because no mom should be hurting on Mother's Day weekend. 

I have not only raised a good boy, but I raised a good man.  This is the type of person E is.  I am always proud of him, but some days he does something else to make me prouder.  I may be struggling with him being gone, but he is flourishing and that is the goal for any mom.  We want our babies to flourish and succeed and he is doing just fine.
My daughter, J, is a senior in high school this year and will not be having formal graduation.  Her graduation will consist of a driveby ceremony so she can get her diploma.  She missed her prom, senior field trip, and more.  She has been so understanding and encouraging through it all. While she is sad to miss these things now, she is determined to not let it get her down.  She is still pursuing her career in the Navy and she continues to make the best out of every situation she is facing.
She has made such adult decisions and she isn't even an adult yet.  When J signed up for the Navy she wanted a specific job and they told her she may not get it, but she was determined and fought to get that job.  There is no telling her she cannot do something.  J is not my biological child, but she is forever a part of my heart and I am as proud of her as I am E. She is beautiful, kind, and so smart.  I am proud of her for being such a lady while she fights for what she wants.  She works hard and exudes a confidence that sometimes, I am a bit jealous of. 

My life is complete because of these two.  I have made mistakes along the way and I have doubted myself in so many things, but I have to say they both grew up knowing they could conquer the world and to be confident in themselves.  They are my reason for being a mom and the reason I will face today as a day of blessing.     

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there.  To the mommies who do it on their own and think only of the mistakes they make... Don't sell yourself short.  There is no instruction manual when becoming a parent.  By making mistakes, you are showing your children it is okay to be human and make mistakes themselves.  They learn from you and don't hold it against you as much as you think they do. Be strong and be fierce today because you are doing an amazing job. 

Happy Mother's day to my babies. These two are my everything. There is nothing in the world I wouldn't do for them. They are my heart and soul. Today I honor them for being in my world and making me the mom I want to be. I have bragging rights when I say my kids are as close to perfect as they come. What can I say? They get it from their mamas!!! 

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