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Guilty Pleasures

I have decided to stop watching the news and listening to the radio to prevent more stories on the Covid virus from making me sad, angry, or a combination of the two.  I find myself feeling depressed the more I watch or hear about it.  I am looking at what is positive about this time.  It took me about 5 weeks to get me to this place and while I struggle with being home all the time; I have my health, my family is healthy and safe and I woke up today.  I have time to stop and smell the roses and I get time to indulge in my guilty pleasures.  I'll share mine with you if you share yours with me.
For those that have read my posts before you know I love to read.  In addition to our Sister's Book Club, I read an average of an additional 4 books per month.  My current fascination is romance novels.  I currently really love billionaire storylines.  They give me so much hope that true love doesn't center around money, but centered around someone's heart.  These feel-good stories make me fall in love with the characters that look beyond the wallet and wealth to meet their soulmate.
My Favorite Series- The Crossfire Series
  I also love to watch teenage drama shows like Riverdale, One Tree Hill, and Vampire Diaries.  While some of these shows are old I love watching them from the beginning via any streaming service.  I am finally getting the time to watch shows I never made time for before.  I have found some diamonds in the rough and it gives me an appreciation of different shows.

My current obsession is a video sharing social media app called Tik Tok.  This app makes me laugh, cry, meet new people, and get centered when I need to.  You can do lip sync videos, dance videos, or simply make your own.  I love doing ones of my dog or my cat.
Turn up the volume on this one 😁

Now that I have shared my guilty pleasures tell me what yours are.

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