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Front Yard Spring Refresh

Recently my hubby downloaded TikTok, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I constantly hear him laughing from the other room, and the same song snippets play over and over again. One that I can totally relate to, and that is completely stuck in my head is, Bored in the House. Bored in the house, and I'm in the house bored. Over and over, although, I won't repeat the rest of the words in the chorus because they're not so family friendly. 

In all seriousness, besides work, I have been bored in my house. Bored enough, that I decided to re-do our front flower bed. Now, a little back story on our flower bed. We've lived in our house 9 years, tomorrow, and when we first moved in I had lofty ambitions for our yard. I began to decorate and one day we decided to add window boxes. We had gotten one done, and had one left to do, when my husband, Cory, started to hear a strange buzzing sound. All of a sudden we noticed hornets starting to swarm, and we ran as fast as we could into the house. We had unfortunately stepped on a ground hive. It took several years for those hornets to vacate my flower bed, and as time went on, life got busy and our yard became overgrown. 

So, about two weeks ago, I decided to do something about our jungle of a yard. I don't have a green thumb, and gardening is not my forte, but I decided to dive right in. I bought Astilbe, Begonias, Peonies, and Hydrangea. Cory decided we needed to go straight from the porch and back to the house, instead of the weird angle the previous home owner had made. I worked hard to clear out all the brush and weeds, and Cory helped me dig out all the tree roots, and rose bushes that had started to grow into the foundation of the house. This took us a few hours to do, and we had to wait until the next weekend to finish due to the rain. 

On Mother's Day, we made three trips to Lowes, and a trip to Atwoods, just to make sure that we could get all the supplies we needed to finish everything up. 17 stone edgers, and 12 bags of rose quartz rock, and we were on our way to making our yard look nice! It took us almost six hours, but around 7:00pm, after several conversations with my neighbor who came over to admire it, and ask us to do her yard, we were mostly finished. We still need to get more rock, but for just under $200, we've made a huge improvement to our curb appeal. I'm so happy with the outcome, and next is to tackle our trees and grass! 

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  1. It looks a lot better! Our biggest problem is mold that gets in the grass and kills it.


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