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Four reasons why you should invest in a scooter

You are no doubt familiar with the idea of a four-seater family car, but have you ever considered investing in a scooter? An affordable, easily maneuverable alternative to a car, here are four reasons why a scooter is an excellent mode of transportation and why you should invest in one. You can find reliable tips in this handy scooter guide as you shop around and make your decision.

Easy to use
If you have ever struggled to pass your driving test, you will know how difficult learning to drive a car is. However, this is understandable and necessary: with the World Health Organization estimating that 1.35 million people die every year as a result of road traffic accidents, drivers must be taught to drive as safe as possible. Scooters, on the other hand, do not have such a stringent training system. With an easy to use steering system, you can jump on a scooter and drive off. However, always remember that it is essential to be mindful at all times while you are in control of any vehicle, to avoid road traffic accidents. 
Range of models available
While there is no denying the huge number of car brands available, there is also great variety in the brands of scooters available to fit a range of tastes, budgets, and needs. Whether you are after a sleek Italian Vespa, a reliable Peugeot scooter, or a sporty Suzuki, you are sure to find a scooter that is the perfect fit for your personal taste and lifestyle. Check out bmgscooters.com for more information on the variety of scooters available to fit all needs and budget types.
There is no doubt about it, owning a car is expensive. With even second-hand cars costing hundreds of dollars, not to mention the garage bills, tax payments, and weekly gas purchases, the expense soon adds up. Scooters, on the other hand, are almost always cheaper to run than cars, thanks mainly to the fact that they are smaller vehicles. They cost less to buy than cars, their insurance is often cheaper, and use gas more economically. In fact, many scooter brands became established after the Second World War, as an affordable mass-market alternative to expensive private cars. So, if you are on a budget and trying to save money, it is definitely worth considering swapping your car for a scooter. 
Good first vehicle for first-time vehicle owners

Most young people know the frustration of wanting to have a little bit more independence, but this is difficult to manage without access to a car. Scooters are the perfect intermediary step before driving a car. They are simple to use, relatively cheap to buy and have low running costs. Indeed, many scooter brands, such as the Vespa, started off as an affordable mode of transportation for teenagers. Owning and maintaining a scooter teaches a teenager the responsibility needed in using a vehicle while also giving them an increased sense of independence. Once they have proved that they are responsible enough with a scooter, they might choose to progress to a car.  

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