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Emboss your Treats: Embossed Co Rolling Pins, #MBPMOMSDAY20

Embossed Cookies ready for the Oven!
Thanks to Embossed Co for sending me this rolling pin.  All thoughts in the review are mine!

Do you remember your earliest baking memories? For me, my earliest memories are with my grandmothers- watching her mix cookies, mince pies, and make our family's Christmas "Candy." I don't remember mom baking that much with us because she was a busy hospital nurse with long shifts. Today, I know plenty of moms who love passing on their favorite family recipes to their children!

This Mother's Day, you can add a bit of sparkle to your family baking recipes with embossed rolling pins from Embossed Co. After receiving the paw-print embossed rolling pin, an  index card directed me to Embossed Co.'s blog for instructions. After reading up on best practices, care tips, and recipes, I was ready to pull the ingredients to see how my latest creation would turn out!

I decided to use the Vanilla Almond Sugar cookie recipe found on Embossed Co.'s blog (modified without the almond only because I didn't have any). A couple of things to note: After using a straight pin to roll out the dough, Embossed Co. recommends rolling over the dough once with medium pressure. The baker wants deep impressions so that the pattern is visible when the item rises and puffs up in the oven. For best results, use recipes with little or no leavener or acid. Those ingredients make the dough puff up, causing shape retention to be lost.

After the dough chilled, I got down to work, first rolling out the dough with a regular straight pin, then used the paw print rolling pin to stamp out the pattern. Afterwards, I cut out the cookies using a circle shape, and transferred them to the sprayed baking sheets. It took a couple of tries to find the right pressure: too hard and the dough rolls out too flat, while too soft means the pattern is not visible as well. It was slightly tricky to transfer the cookies as well, so use flour to make sure your dough doesn't stick to your rolling surface.

Results: the pattern is visible on some parts of my cookie while it's not so much on other parts. This in part due to finding the right pressure and consistency while rolling. I am not a master baker (while I do dream about it) so I am pleased with my results. When holding most of my cookies up, the pattern was visible.

While I have not tried it, I imagine the pattern would be more visible on darker doughs rather than a light sugar cookie.

Embossed Paw-Print cookie for the win!

I was surprised and pleased that the pattern turned out as it did. I absolutely loved the recipe- it was easier than most sugar cookie recipes I know and the hardest part was waiting for the dough to chill! I know that with future tries, I will only get better as I become accustomed to how hard I need to roll over the dough with the embossed pin! After having many baking mold and gadget fails, I am glad that I tried out Embossed Co baking pins! This rolling pin did not frustrated me at all and I loved using it!

Paw-print Embossed Cookies

Embossed Co. also gives us some cleaning up tips. The Rolling Pins are made from 100% beech wood. In order to protect the wood and design, the recommendation is to NOT use the dishwasher. Instead, hand wash using a scrub brush to make sure the embossed indentations are clean from dough. I did not have any problem with the dough sticking (I did use flour to "dust" the pin before rolling), so I didn't have to scrub hard while cleaning up!

A final point about Embossed Co that I love: They are committed helping to help others in need by donating 15% of their profits to nonprofits organizations that assist in the nutrition and welfare of impoverished communities in developing countries. With a purchase, not only are you receiving a great gift for your mom but you are also helping an individual or family in need across the world!

With Embossed Co's rolling pins, you can add lovely embossed decorations to cookies, pie crusts, and other pastries- anything that rolls out! If you have a mom who loves baking, this perfect gift would be a great addition to their supplies!

Thank you to Embossed Co for sending me the paw-print embossed rolling pin to review! I would definitely recommend any of their embossed pins for any baker- especially moms and grandmoms who might want to present a little bit of creativity in their family recipes!


Are you interested in finding a cute embossed rolling pin for mom this year?  Check out Embossed Co's Facebook Page for more tips and ideas about their special embossed rolling pins! Ready to purchase? Head to Embossed Co. to see their wonderful selection!

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