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Ease Your Pets Anxiety and Sleepless Nights with Wholetones for Pets, #MBPPETGUIDE20

Back in November of 2019, after having our beloved, Buddy put down due to serious illness, we came across a sweet puppy that needed to be adopted from a local rescue group. She was around 5 months old, house broken, and pretty well socialized. She had such a calm and sweet demeanor, and just wanted everyone to love on her. After seeing her two weeks in a row, not be adopted, we knew she was meant to come home with us. Diesel was having a hard time without Buddy, and he needed a friend just as much as she needed a home. I work from home, and we have a great Vet, whom we later found out had also been her Vet and carer for the rescue organization, so we knew that it was the perfect time to bring her home.

In the beginning she was a great sleeper, and would play hard and sleep harder. She would sleep through the night and we had no issues what so ever. As she is getting older, and since we're not able to get out as much and go places, so tends to have more pent up energy that we try to burn off before bedtime. Lately this has been a bit of a challenge because our weather has been terrible. This means no walks, or running around the yard chasing squirrels or birds, no playing ball outside or chasing the neighbor's dogs at the fence line. Now, we chase laser lights in the house and try to find new ways to play indoors, but at the end of the night, we never know if it's going to be enough to get her to sleep.

In addition to the restless evenings, she has also had a few bouts of destructive behavior when we've left her and Diesel alone. Mainly shredding of things, but she has taken a liking to shoes also, and has recently destroyed four pairs of shoes. This is fairly new, and we think possibly a bit of separation anxiety and potential boredom. Since we haven't be able to get her into daycare or behavior classes, we were pretty desperate for a solution to help her out. So when I was introduced to Wholetones for Pets, I couldn't wait to give it a try!

Wholetones for Pets is music player that you are able to plug into the wall, no batteries or charging needed. It comes with two original songs that were created and set at the exact frequency of 396hz, this helps to provide relief from stress and anxiety to give our pets a bit of peace and comfort. The two songs play for a combined 52 minutes, but it will continue to play until you turn it off. With easy to use buttons on the underside of the speaker, and it compact size, it will easily fit into any space or home. There is also a micro SD slot, where you can add your own music for your pets to listen to, which I think is a really great option.

When our Wholetones for Pets arrived, I was eager to get it set up and try it out, but I wanted to wait until evening to judge how Luna's night might go. She ended up having a rough start to her evening, and didn't want to go to bed, jumping on and off of the couch and trying to play. We allowed her to play for 15 minutes, and then we tried to get her to go back to sleep. She didn't want to, so I went and got the Wholetones player, plugged it in, turned it on and hit the play button and she immediately started to listen to the music. I remade her bed, and got her to lie down, and I decided to sit with her on the couch and see if that helped her feel more relaxed. Within about ten minutes, she was asleep, I couldn't believe it, I was so excited. It even had me feeling very relaxed and I had a great nights sleep as well! 

We started to leave it on while we were out running errands, instead of our TV, and we turned on our security cam, to watch their reactions. We noticed that they were both hanging out on the couch looking out the window into the yard, content as could be. There was no destruction of any kind, and I finally felt like we might have found a solution. We've been using Wholetones for Pets, consecutively for a little over two weeks now, and have noticed a huge change in Luna's behavior at night and when we leave. It's not a miracle worker, and we still have a night here and there that we have to work through, but she is sleeping so much better, and almost completely through the night. We have only had a few minor behaviors from being gone a bit too long, but overall things have greatly improved.

I plan to make a playlist of some other calming music to add into the mix and see if that works as well. I love the size and portability of the machine, this will be going with us to the VET when we board our dogs, or for a sense of calm during a regular visit. Once quarantine bands are lifted, I can't wait for my Mother-in-law to try it for her Pomeranian who has severe anxiety. I've talked to her so much about the benefits of it and the changes we've seen in Luna, that she can't wait to try it out for herself! Thank you so much Wholetones for helping to improve my dogs quality of sleep, and ease some anxiety that Luna has been having! 

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If you're interested in a Wholetones for Pets, for your pet, head on over to their website to see all they have to offer. While you're there, make sure to check them out on Facebook: @wholetonemusic, and YouTube: Wholetones

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  1. One of my cats is very destructive and aggressive towards the other two. I wonder if this would work for her.


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