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Dive into Nature with Happy Fox Books: Beehive, Tree, and Anthill

Thank you to Fox Chapel Publishing for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Social distancing and being in quarantine has not been easy, but I have absolutely loved the time I have spent with my littles reading books. We have always loved reading, but now we have more time and the boys are really into reading more these days. Because we keep reading the books we have over and over, I was so ecstatic to read Beehive, Tree, and Anthill from Happy Fox Books.

My kids and I have been devouring books during this pandemic. It is so exciting to have some new books to read again and again.  BeehiveTree, and Anthill from Happy Fox Books, with such unique designs and writing, captivate the reader immediately. My boys keep going back to them because they notice a new detail in the books every single time they look at them.

 Tree and Anthill have been read more than Beehive only because the boys see the ants and trees daily and can make the connection. I love having a variety of books around the house and I really appreciate when we have books that we can connect to other areas of life be it nature, cooking, art, school, household duties, etc. With these you can have  discussions with the littles about what makes an anthill work, what exactly goes on inside a beehive, and what types of animals you may find living in a tree

Want them? Buy them!

BeehiveTree, and Anthill will be released in June 2020 and are available to preorder for only $9.99 each! For hardback books this nice, the price is a bargain.


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Which Happy Fox book are you going to preorder first? 

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