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Common Health Issues for Moms and How to Deal with Them

Staying healthy in the face of the busy routine of motherhood can be extremely difficult, often leaving busy moms at risk of some of the most common health issues for women. However, you can make protecting your health simpler by knowing and understanding the issues that could affect you in the future. It is also important to realize how you can treat these problems to ensure that you can enjoy parenthood as much as possible and give your best self to your child. 

Joint and Lower Back Pain

As a mom, it is likely that you will spend most of your day chasing around after your child, and whether that includes tidying away your child’s toys or lifting your kid into bed, this can have an adverse effect on the health of your joints and lower back. Repeated strain on these areas can cause you to experience debilitating pain and muscle stiffness that can make it difficult to carry out the everyday tasks of parenthood. However, there are many ways that you can find relief from chronic lower back and joint pain, including new solutions such as CBD gel, which may be able to reduce inflammation around the problem area and even act as a protectant for your nerves. 


Running around with a child all day can be exhausting for every mom, especially if this is also coupled with other common health problems, such as post-partum insomnia. However, if you are starting to experience symptoms such as reduced concentration and memory lapses, an inability to carry out daily tasks, aching muscles, slow reflexes, and mood changes, you should consider seeking help for your current state. To beat exhaustion and ensure that you can enjoy being a mother again, you should also consider exercising every day, reducing your stress levels, and getting to know your body clock better. 


Moms are at an increased risk of osteoporosis after pregnancy, with some mothers even contracting the condition before their baby is born. Women are more likely to get osteoporosis after they have had a baby, as this may cause your bones to weaken and change the amount of calcium in your body. Women are also more likely to get osteoporosis, as they have smaller bones than men and their levels of estrogen decrease as they age. To prevent osteoporosis, you should consider taking calcium supplements, eating healthy foods like fruit and vegetables, and exercising regularly. 

Depression and Mental Health Issues

Not all the health problems that moms experience are physical, and many moms find themselves struggling with depression or other mental health conditions during their child’s lifetime. Not only may you be susceptible to post-partum depression, but the stress of caring for a child and the increased responsibility that you have incurred may trigger certain underlying conditions, such as anxiety. If you believe that you are struggling with depression or anxiety, you should seek professional advice from a doctor or a therapist, as well as practice good self-cate rituals.

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