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Best Destinations for Family Outdoor Trips

If you want to show your family the best of the outdoors around the world, you are going to be spoilt for choice, with there being many exciting and beautiful locations where your family can have an adventurous and fulfilling journey into nature. Whether you are looking for a sports holiday or a camping trip, here are the best places that your family can enjoy the outdoors around the world.

The Adelaide Hills, Australia

If your kids are old enough to endure the 19-hour flight between the USA and Australia, one of the most rewarding family vacation trips into the outdoors lies in the Adelaide Hills. Although this area of natural beauty is close to the large cities of Southern Australia, such as Adelaide itself, you will not feel more distant from the hustle and bustle of daily life than in the rugged territory of the hills. From enjoying the best of Australia’s wildlife at Cleland Wildlife Park to enjoying everything that the outdoors has to offer at Belair National Park, to find your perfect outdoors trip, you should head to an Adelaide Hills caravan park.

Yellowstone National Park, USA

To enjoy the outdoors closer to home, there is nowhere better on the continent to explore the natural environment of the United States than by visiting Yellowstone National Park. From visiting the famous sights, such as Old Faithful, to going bear and wolf spotting, there is enough to keep every family member immersed in the outdoors until the sun sets. There are also hiking routes available for every ability, whether your kids live and breathe walking, or if this is their first time vacationing in the wild.

The Alps, France

Known for the variety of winter sports that are available on its spectacular mountains, the Alps is the premier outdoor destination in France and beyond, and, if your family is looking to try out a new sport, the Alps is the best place to travel with your family. From learning to ski at one of the numerous ski schools to finding the best cycling routes for the whole family, the Alps is a refreshing winter destination that will keep you coming back again and again.

Lapland, Finland

If your family loves the holidays all year round, Lapland is the perfect place to go for those that want to combine the outdoors with family-friendly activities. While you can experience nature through the various dogsledding and wildlife-watching expeditions that are available to travelers, you can also take the kids to visit Santa and explore the North Pole in Santa’s Village. Additionally, there is no greater natural sight than the Northern Lights, which a journey to Lapland may allow you to spot.

South Island, New Zealand

For a safe and relaxing destination in the outdoors, visit the South Island in New Zealand, which is bursting from top to bottom full of natural delights to wow the family. From trekking through Mount Cook National Park to visiting the astonishing Franz Josef glacier, there is no end to the outdoor experiences your family can have in New Zealand. There are various Christchurch Motorhome rentals available, and if you're the type that loves going outdoors and just being in nature, this is the perfect travelling mode for you.

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  1. These are great ideas. I have always wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park.


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