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Your Pups Can Snack Safely With Bully Buddy, From Bow Wow Labs

Thanks to our friends at Bow Wow Labs, for sending me 2 starter packs to review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Please check with your Vet before starting your pet on anything new. Always supervise your pets when using this product. 

Many years ago, we had quite the scare with our smaller dog, Buddy. We had given him a rawhide bone, and he was down to the last little bit, when he began to choke on it. Scared out of my mind, my husband sprang into action, giving him the heimlich maneuver for dogs. Luckily for all of us, this worked and we were able to dislodge the treat from his throat, vowing again to never give our dogs rawhides or bully sticks.

Cut to several years later, Buddy is no longer with us, and we now have our 90lb german shepherd mix, Diesel and our 50lb pitt mix, Luna. They are extremly powerful chewers, and the average peanut butter bone is gone in seconds, leaving them wanting more, and us feeling badly that we couldn't give them a different treat for fear of choking. We have been on the lookout for something that would satisfy them, and offer them a lasting and engaging treat. Honestly, sometimes we just need to give them something to occupy their time and give us a break from the zoomies and rambunctious, constant dog wrestling! Plus they deserve something extra since they're stuck in the house too.

 The contents of the starter pack, Bully Buddy on the left, bully sticks on the top, and air tight jars on bottom.

Bow Wow Labs, created the Bully Buddy to combat this exact problem, and they were kind enough to send me two of their starter packs for Diesel and Luna! You'll chose the start pack size you need based on your pup's weight. Luna based on her weight falls into the large Bully Buddy category, and Diesel is an extra large. Each starter pack contains one Bully Buddy, a pack of 5 bully sticks that are chosen according to their weight, and one resealable fresh jar. Something that really impressed me is that Bow Wow Labs offers starter packs for all size dogs, from less than 15lb all the way up to over 100lbs. It can be extremly difficult to find treats and bones for larger dogs and I've heard from many friends that have BIG dogs, I'm talking Great Danes and Belgian Malinois, and they struggle to find things that are safe and big enough for their dogs, but Bow Wow Labs solved that problems. 

The Bully Buddy with the bully sticks, completely secured.

The Bully Buddy securely holds onto the bully stick to make sure that dogs can't get the last little bit of the treat, which is a choking hazard. The bully buddy is an hour glass shape, with a hole in the middle, with a gripping area and a plastic round ended, screw-like piece that you turn to secure the bully stick into place. This gives the dogs an easy grip on the Bully Buddy and an easy way to  chew on their treat safely. This is great for larger dogs, as they can often have trouble handling things that are smaller, but now their are bully sticks and treats in their size.  There is about an 1.5inc piece that is left over after they chew done the bully stick, and this is the piece that they can end up choking on.
Once they're done with the bully stick, unscrew the end and pop out the left over piece and throw it away.

The Bully Buddy, thoroughly enjoyed by the pups, and the left over pieces to throw out. 

Which Starter Pack Is Right For Your Dog?

  • XS: under 15lbs-  $41.95, on sale for $37.95
  • Small: 15-30lbs- $47.95, on sale for $42.95
  • Medium: 30-50lbs-$55.95, on sale for $49.95
  • Large: 50-75lbs- $59.95, on sale for $53.95
  • XL: 75-100lbs- $67.95, on sale for $56.95
  • XXL: 100lbs+- $74.95, on sale for $59.95

Diesel and Luna chowing down on their Bully Buddy.

Diesel and Luna were so excited to have their own Bully Buddy, and this was Luna's first experience with a bully stick and boy did she love it! My dog's are strong chewers and neither of them were able to pull the bully stick out, even with them chewing it down as far as they could. The Bully Buddy was well tested with Luna, as she ran through the yard, showing it off to our neighbor's dog, dropping it all along the way, and the bully stick never came dislodged or broke. It took both dogs around 45 minutes to finish their bully sticks, but they both continued to lick at it for a good 20+ minutes. They loved it and with them both having their own, this cut down on any fighting or trying to steal each other's treat.

I'm thoroughly pleased with the Bully Buddy, I don't have to worry about my dog's choking on the small left over pieces, and they get to enjoy a special treat. This also keeps them both engaged and active, and both dogs wanted to chew on the actual treat holder after I had washed them. I was keeping it in one of their toy bins, but I ended up moving them because both Luna and Diesel kept taking them out to chew and play with. I'm glad that they enjoyed all aspects of the Bully Buddy. They adapted to it quickly, and they now go sit by the treat jars and beg for their Bully Buddy! We still supervise them with their Bully Buddy's, as you should, but I don't have to worry anymore and for that I am so grateful for! Thank you, Bow Wow Labs for safer and more fun snacking experience!

Sir Barkington our treat jar, with the bully sticks and Luna waiting patiently for her treat! 

*For those of you that have Big Dogs like me, Bully Buddy has several offers for you:

  • Single unit Bully Buddy XL and Bully Buddy XXL have been price reduced to $32.95.
  • Big Bully Sticks: 12-inch Jumbo and Monster sticks have been added to the 12-inch stick offering.

Big Dog Combo Packs are now offered.

  • Bully Buddy XL + (10) Jumbo 12inch sticks = $98.95 (discounted from retail value of $113.95)
  • Bully Buddy XXL + (10) Monster 12inch sticks = $115.95 (discounted from retail value of $134.95)

Want it? Get it! 

If you're interest in a Bully Buddy of your own, head on over to Bow Wow Labs to check them out.  Bow Wow Labs has a special  Discount Code for all of you Big Dog owners. Use code BIGDOG to get an additional 40% off any of the four products on the Big Dog Combo Pack Page!
Make sure to check them out on Facebook: @bowwowlabs and Instagram: @bowwowlabs


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