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What Do New Moms Really Need? Basic Necessities for Every New Parent

If you're a new mom or are pregnant with your first child, you've likely done a lot of research into what it takes to be a good parent, what all new moms need to buy, or which magic technique will make your kids grow up strong and intelligent and successful. While there are no magic pills for parenthood, there are a number of products or services you can invest in to make your life much easier and to make parenting slightly less stressful. Instead of sifting through tons of lists online that tell you to buy up half of the kids' aisle, read on for the things new moms actually need.

By the time you're close to the birth of your new baby, you've likely already weighed out the pros and cons of nursing versus formula feeding your new offspring. If you're nursing, you will definitely want a breast pump so that you can pump breast milk and save it for later in case you cannot nurse or are traveling. If you're going for formula, you'll want a formula recommended by your pediatrician or OB/GYN as well as plenty of bottles to spare. Regardless of which route you take, you'll want lots of burp cloths and bibs for your new family member.

Similar to feeding, diapering comes with a decision to make: cloth or disposable diapers. There are benefits to each, chief among them environmental concerns and financial considerations. Some cloth diapers may be more sustainable for the environment but could put an undue burden on your wallet. If you buy disposable diapers, make sure you only buy a couple of boxes of the newborn size, in case your baby grows faster than you expect.
Like the considerations you take for buying newborn diapers, you should make sure you don't buy too many newborn-sized clothes for your new baby, because babies can grow at a clip and before you know it they may need toddler garments. The good thing about buying clothes for your baby is that they are a common item that family and friends will gift you at your shower, and they're easy to borrow or thrift if needed.
Every baby needs a safe and simple crib in which to nap and sleep. You need enough crib sheets for your new bundle of joy, as well as some waterproof pads for any accidents he or she may have during the night. Remember: back is best for babies' sleep!

Walking and Driving
For driving, traveling, and walks around the neighborhood, you'll need a high-quality stroller and an approved car seat with shoulder straps. You don't need an expensive stroller to get one with great ease of use and as much space as you need. Stroller Buzz is a great resource for all things stroller and can help you find the buggy of your dreams with detailed reviews of the Quinny Buzz, Quinny Buzz Xtra, Maxi Cosi Car Seat, the Graco Snugride, and more. There are even tips and articles on the Stroller Buzz blog to help you learn the best techniques for caring for a newborn.
For Moms

Having a new baby can be incredibly stressful, and many new moms report having no time for themselves after spending all day caring for their newborns. Make sure that in the midst of all this, you're also taking care of you. Schedule a massage, a girls' night in, or even a 30-minute nail appointment for a quick mani-pedi. Any of these small luxuries can make you feel more normal and will rejuvenate you and allow you to better serve your child.

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