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Teach the Littles Chess with Story Time Chess

Thank you to Thinking Cup, LLC for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Ya'll, we're getting there and doing the best we can. Why not shake up the usual with another fun game? I try to keep new activities, games, books, and even videos ready for my kiddos when they start to get antsy. Story Time Chess is another unique approach to learning a new game and practicing many cooperative skills. 
I love games, but you already know that. My husband grew up in a household that played more games than I ever had so my love of them has grown exponentially. Of course, we're passing along the desire to play games along to our kiddos. Hendrix is getting older and able to understand more difficult games and we're having so much fun.

Story Time Chess is such a unique way of teaching chess. The structure and rules are definitely presented in a way that the game is easy to understand. Hendrix was very engaged in the story and the movements of the pieces. I appreciate the different ways you can also set up the game to progress into more of the traditional chess. Nowadays, there are other ways to learn the game. In fact, the 2022 openings training platform can be a great place to start learning it.

The characters are so cool and engaging for the littles. Since you're in quarantine, teach your little one chess with Story Time Chess or have an older sibling teach a younger sibling; they'll have a blast. There are so many skills involved with chess that you're teaching them strategy, movement, cooperative play, and so much more.

Want it? Buy it!

You have until April 30 to use the code CHESSLANDIA to save an additional 10% off Story Time Chess from the sale price $49.99! You know games can be expensive but this is a steal thinking about how many hours you'll be able to play with your kids or your kids can play Story Time Chess with each other. 

Who in your life would love to play Story Time Chess? 

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  1. All three of my grandchildren would enjoy learning to play chess with Story Time Chess! It looks great!

  2. So fun. I remember I learned how to play chess in elementary school.


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