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Making Family Photo Calendar: the Most Fun and Bonding Activity

Every parent knows how tricky it is to keep your children busy during the quarantine. The schools are closed, the playgrounds are guaranteed, so kids are sitting at home with very little entertainment. My idea was to teach them how to be creative, which is a skill that will help them throughout their entire life – when you can direct your energy into creative work, you will never be bored again. This is our small guide on how to make a family's best photo calendars at home.

Find Good Program
For our little project, we have used an easy calendar creator software, which is simple, yet offers a lot of room for craftship. Since I am very concerned about privacy, especially the privacy of my young children, I appreciate the fact that I do not need to share my photos with online services, without knowing where they are going to land. Instead, I simply open them in the program and protect my personal information. Besides, this program allows you to print your work at home in any size and amount.

Choose Photos
Take twelve photos of you and your family members for each month of the year. To make the selection process easier, you can “assign” each member a month of the year in accordance with their birthday. 

Pick a wedding photo for the month of your anniversary, a Christmas photo for December and look for clipart online or in the program to make a special atmosphere for the remaining months. Try to involve your children in this process, let them pick their favorite photos and listen to their ideas carefully - kids can be very creative. Have a cozy family evening, enjoy your old photos and share a laugh exchanging precious family moments. 

Make Your Own Design
Now the fun part – designing! For the background, we went for pictures of nature, for example, a gorgeous beach for July, a frosty winter morning for January and Halloween pumpkins pictures for October. When choosing frames and month style, make sure that the color scheme is balanced, here are some good color combinations:

Purple & pink
Blue & green
Orange & purple
Pink & blue

When the layout is ready, it’s time to add personal holidays to your calendar. Color-code special family dates or add a small picture to the day icon to create a unique design for each holiday. 

Time to Print
From our experience, the best wall calendar size is A3: it is big enough to fit in all the holidays and pictures and at the same time a good size to keep high resolution. It will also fit perfectly on your kitchen door or on the wall above the dining table, so no one will miss a family holiday. Go with CMYK layout to preserve the quality and colors and print your own calendar at home.

Hopefully, our small guide will inspire you to create your own family calendar and to spark your creative energy. Finally, we had a blast working on this project together. So seize the moment and have an uplifting day.

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  1. A family photo calendar sounds like a fun project. My grandchildren would love picking out photos and designs!


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