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Mabel's Labels and free2b Treats: Perfect Easter Basket Additions

Thank you to free2b and Mabel's Labels for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Easter is proving to be challenging for everyone this year so I'm sharing a couple of products I have been able to try. Candy and labels. I don't know about you, but labeling and clearly defining what it whose makes life a little easier sometimes. And that perfection of sunflower butter and chocolate! Yum!
I love to try new products, especially products I know my family will also love. The free2b candy is so delicious and for everyone! Mabel's Labels are perfect for organizing and making everything easy to find for your kids and for yourselves.

Providing food for kids can be tough, especially those with allergies. free2b is free from common allergens making it available to the majority of the population. They are also 100% vegan and gluten free! Many specialty products can be significantly more expensive, but I find free2b products very competitively priced. So much winning here.

Mabel's Labels are an easy way to identify a variety of things for your kids. I only wish I had known about Mabel's Labels long ago instead of having to try to write their names or attach something that wouldn't stay for very long. The labels are so cute and easy to read. Hendrix is old enough to be able to identify his name and since Maverick's look different, he can find his, too. 

Mabel's Labels have such a variety of labels. You know all the belongings you have to label for your kid for school? Mabel's Labels has all the labels! Label the pencil boxes, folders, coats, backpacks, markers, lunch bags, or whatever else you can find. There are also labels you can use for your pantry or around the home. With such a variety of options and at an affordable price, Mabel's Labels is a must-have. 

Want it? Buy it!

free2b has such delicious products that are affordable treats for anyone with food allergies. 

12 count of the 2 packs of the Chocolate Sun Cups: $27.99

3 count bag of Dark Chocolate Sun Cup Minis: $19.99

12 count of the 2 packs of the Dark Chocolate Sun Cups: $27.99

You can also shop for other snacks and baking items from free2b. 

Mabel's Labels are already affordable and to make it better, they are having a 40% off sale right now!
You can get 80 small, rectangular labels for $11.39. If you need other labels, check out their wide selection

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