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KeaBabies and Evolved Parent Co. Have All the Stylish Necessities for Baby and Toddler

 Thank you to KeaBabies and Evolved Parent Co. for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Moms with littles and expecting mamas! What do you need for babies and toddlers? There are so many lists out there and it can be very overwhelming. I remembering creating our baby registry and trying to figure out what we truly needed and what would be extra. For all the basics, look to Evolved Parent Co. and KeaBabies. Stylish and practical diapers bags, toddler pillows, bibs, and any other basics you need at affordable prices.

Having a little one requires certain equipment and KeaBabies and Evolved Parent Co. have all the essentials. Of course you're going to need a diaper bag and both companies have such cute, practical options. The KeaBabies is designed so well to have all the compartments you would want to have along with the comfort you require on all of your adventures. The Basic Baby Diaper Bag is great for the minimalist in your life. It holds just enough supplies for baby when you're out and about.

You all know how practical I am and I wish I had known about both of these companies when my first was little. I am now recommending the diaper bags to friends who are expecting as well as the other products.

I haven't had a nice scrub brush for my kids for awhile and the Scrub-a-dubdub is great for getting a little extra scrub while being soft enough for the littles' skin. Add it to your baby registry or put it in your cart to buy for a mama with a little.

The SuperSpoon is great for Maverick. He has always been very motivated to be as independent as possible. The SuperSpoon allows those little ones to feel more in control during mealtimes and also make them feel big if they have older siblings. 

I don't have to tell you that the Toddler Pillow looks super comfortable. I love the size of the pillow and that it is just thick enough for my little guy. The pillowcase is also perfect with his sheets.

Want them? Buy them!

KeaBabies Explorer Diaper Bag is only $39.96! Trust me when I say this is so comfortable and absolutely worth the money. Buy for you or as a gift for an expecting mama. Shop more KeaBabies products!

The Toddler Pillow runs $26.96 and comes with that adorable pillowcase. 

Evolved Parent Co.'s products are so cute and affordable.

Basic Baby Diaper Bag $19.99

Scrub-A-DubDub $12.99

The SuperSpoon $9.99

Which products from KeaBabies and Evolved Parent Co. interest you? 

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