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Into The Unknown But Not Frozen With Fear: Our New Normal

Frozen reference aside, how is everyone doing?

I've been thinking a lot lately about fear and how it can truly debilitate us, if we allow it. Did you know we actually have control over that? I know. What a powerful mind to be able to curb fear and anxiety, but it is possible. I'll let you know if I discover that secret, if you promise to do the same.

In the meantime, we can do our best. Recently, I came across an article that talked about what fear does to the body from a physiological standpoint. It releases cortisol into our bodies and cortisol lowers our immune system. Think about that. The more we fear this virus and all that it means for us, the more susceptible we are to actually getting sick. 

I think we all have a general knowledge about how harmful fear and anxiety are for our minds and our bodies. We are told we have to meditate, pray, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and go for walks to get our cardiovascular and lymphatic systems moving and grooving. These things are important and I don't think anyone would argue with that, however, actually overcoming fear and putting into practice that which we "know" is easier said than done.

There is something about my mom that I love. She can find something positive in absolutely anything. I like to think this has rubbed off on me at least somewhat and I do try to always see the good. If God is good all the time, and I believe He is, there is something good in every situation. This doesn't mean there is less bad, less hurt and less disaster. It just means there is still good to be found. 

I want to challenge you this week to do something. When you feel fear creeping into your mind and the anxiety begins to get a foothold, will you stop, take a deep breath and say out loud, "I am thankful for (fill in the blank)." 

When you do this, you break your thought pattern and create a new one. The more often you do this, your brain will learn and begin to do so automatically. We can actually retrain our brains to have positive responses which then have a positive effect on our bodies and even our immune systems. 

It's pretty incredible, right?! 
Baby steps, I know. Right now, things are scary and we are literally walking into the unknown every single day. Please know you are not alone. Reach out to anyone around you and ask for encouragement if you feel yourself sliding downward. Yes, ASK for encouragement. That's OK to do and if you do not have anyone to ask, you can ask me. 

Hang in there, us. 


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