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How To Make Ballet Shoes At Home: DIY Ballet Shoes

If you want a simple, elegant aesthetic, then you can't go wrong by pairing your outfit with a beautiful pair of ballet shoes. However, there's only one thing holding you back.
They're expensive! The elegance doesn't come cheap, and if you have a taste for ballet shoes then that can put some serious hurt on your wallet.

The alternative: learning how to make ballet shoes right from the comfort of your own home for the low cost of a few materials. In this article, we'll teach you how to do exactly that. In no time at all, you'll have your own collection of classic ballet shoes that you can wear as you please or give as a gift to someone special in your life!

Measure out a Leather Sole
The first thing to do is to cut out your sole. You're going to want to make the sole out of a sturdy material. Cotton, for instance, just isn't going to hold up for too many wears at all.

The most typical material choice for the sole is leather. Not only is this a sturdy and durable option, but it's also a comfortable material to stand on. Make sure you don't compromise, however — get high-quality, soft, supple leather, not the fake stuff, or you'll be remaking these shoes before they've even had a chance to break-in.

Once you have the leather, draw an outline of your foot on the leather, and cut that out as your sole.

Cut Top Fabric
The next step is to cut out the fabric for the top part of the shoe. You can use leather again if you want a sleek, shiny look, but classic ballet shoes use canvas or cotton since they make for a more comfortable, breathable fit. The choice is yours.

Use the outline of the sole you just cut out and cut an extra four inches larger than the outline. This is to ensure that there will be enough material to cover the top and sides of your foot.

Cut out the Foot Hole
Measure around your ankle. Add about 2 inches to that measurement, and cut out that piece from the portion of the top fabric cut out that is directly above the heel. This will be your foot hole.

Start Sewing
Now use a piece of elastic to secure the hole. Sew it all around to ensure that no stray strands ever come loose.

The last step is to sew the top fabric and bottom leather sole together. If you'd like, you can add some pom-pom clips for a little added pizzazz. But if you like a simple look, then your shoes are as good as done!

How to Make Ballet Shoes: Made Easy
There you have it — with this handy-dandy guide on how to make ballet shoes, there's no excuse for why this footwear isn't in your closet right now. Get your materials together, follow this guide, and you'll soon have a pair on your shoe rack!

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