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How To Be Productive While Working At Home

Are you working at home? Going crazy yet? Now, as convenient and beneficial as working from home can be, it can also prove to be damaging to productivity. Getting things done can be extremely hard right now, but no worries, we are here for you!

It would be best if you changed your mindset first and foremost. People associate HOME as a place to relax- which it is, but right now, it is where we need to be, so we need to change the mindset. It can be not very easy to switch to a more productive mindset when you’re in the comfort of your home. We have good news; there are ways to boost productivity when remote working.

Best ways to stay productive when working at home

Create a workspace

It will be hard to concentrate at home, but if you want to ensure you can get things done in peace, it’s worth setting up a quiet working space. Even if it is a small desk in the corner, try to use a room that isn’t used too much- if you can. If not, then set up in your bedroom. You can place a sign on the door when you’re trying to work to let others know not to disturb you.
Make sure the workspace is comfortable, too, as you won’t get a lot done if you are distracted with items around you. Clutter can stop you from being productive also, so before you start, take time to clean up the area and organize the space. This will help you focus better! Ensure your space has plenty of natural sunlight. This will impact on your productivity and motivation. Now, if you can’t take advantage of natural light around your working area, you might want to consider investing in a daylight bulb.

Take breaks

Just like working in an office, you need to get up and stretch every hour. Make sure you take breaks throughout the day. Going outside will help with your mood; being cooped up in the house all day will stop productivity. Taking regular breaks away from your computer is essential, not just for productivity but for your mental health too.

By taking regular breaks and making time to get out outside can boost productivity levels. Take the kids outside for 10-15 minutes of gardening or reading a book outdoors to help refresh productivity levels. Kids who are doing homeschool need these breaks too.

If your kids are still quite young, make sure you take advantage of nap times. This time of the day is the perfect opportunity for you to get a bulk of your work done without having to worry about the kids.

Prepare the night before

Now you might not be going to the office, but you are still working, so don’t give up on routines. Make sure to make your bed and get dressed! Now you don’t have to get all fancy but at least get out of your pajamas.

Creating a routine will set you up for the mindset of work and staying productive. This may help bring order and purpose to your daily tasks. Make sure to include activities such as exercise, eating healthy, meditating. Don’t skip breakfast and drink plenty of water.

Have snacks and food already planned out, so you don’t have to guess when it's time to feed everyone. Let the kids know what they can snack on and put out on the counter where they can help themselves or have a basket for each kid.

Stay connected virtually

Take the time to phone or video call a friend or family member during the day. Just having an adult conversation and staying connected could help relieve sad or anxious feelings. There are so many ways you can connect online, now so no excuses!

Set up regular video conferencing or Facetime calls with your co-workers, so you don’t feel out of the loop and can bounce ideas off each other.

But don’t get sucked in and waste all your time online! Set social media limits. It’s easy to spend hours on social media, so be careful not to get sucked in. You have work to do, so set specific times you check your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Plus, having limits in place makes you more aware of how much you’re using it.

Remember to stay positive, keep a daily gratitude journal, and practice mindfulness and relaxation exercises- this helps a lot with your mindset! Good luck, and we are always here for you- make sure you check out our Mommy's Block Party Facebook page for more tips during this time! 


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