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FREE Webinar: How to Pivot Your Business and Come Out of the Covid Economic Crisis Stronger then Ever!

There's a lot happening in the world right now.
People are afraid, cautious and worried. And understandably so.
But during this time, I want to encourage you to take control of your own destiny right now.
While the world is in panic, you can use this time to dial in how you're going to grow your business.

This unusual series of events can actually be a great opportunity for you to show up bigger and better than ever for those you want to serve. I am a Master Business Coach and I know how to pivot businesses, make them profitable, develop and monetize new ideas and bring about quick results- even in this economy.

My client Gail, for instance, has tripled her sales opportunities this month. My client Ondria (Yes Ondria with MBP), has tripled her opportunities and increased income THIS MONTH. Like you, she is managing homeschooling, quarentine and all the additional being home with hubby and kid stuff too. In fact, RIGHT NOW, most of my clients are actively pivoting, are profitable, and hopeful (one called me today slightly overwhelmed with all the business she has).

I want to give back and assist all of you who are connected to Mommy's Block Party. To help show you how to do this, on Monday April 20th at 7pm EST, I'm hosting an exclusive free training and coaching session,
"How to Pivot your Business and come out of the CoVid Economic Crisis Stronger than Ever", where I'll be sharing how you can set yourself up for success in spite of what's happening right now.

Here's the sum of what you will discover in this free training:
· Discover the ONE critical step that will allow you to thrive in today's market place and bounce back
· 5 secrets that allow you to create growth and success in financially challenging markets
· How to quickly monetize your new ideas and pivots so you can take advantage of rising opportunities
· Use the world wide "pause" to get stability, increase your income, and even grow your business so you take full advantage of downtime
· Let go of the uncertainty and indecision that could be sabotaging you from moving forward in your business

This is your time to really level up and make the best decision possible to grow your business. I really want to show you how to do it. Just put it on your calendar, sign up , and attend: https://zoom.us/j/99537850249?pwd=QjF3bnJNTG9YTEVkbW9rbkhiNDMrUT09&fbclid=IwAR1ypn97RzGgQUXobjpECzVM5EbKryjwhOg_nLjqicVCu2nyzj2wck_z7lI.

Big Love,
Paula Bohland, Master Business and Mindset Coach


PS. I am sure you know someone else who needs this training. Be a hero and share this opportunity with them.

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