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Cool Maths and Build-a-Castle: Creative Ways of Building Skills

Thank you to Pavilion for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

While we are all in quarantine, trying to keep the kiddos occupied can be challenging. All of you working from home, kudos to you. I'm going to share two pretty neat and unique activities for you with kids. Cool Maths by Tracie Young and Build-a-Castle by Paul Farrell are both very engaging and will be things your kids can come back to and do multiple times. 

Cool Maths by Tracie Young provides kids with numerous ways to think about math. As an educator, I appreciate when activities, show, songs, and various materials incorporate learning in a fun, positive way. With over 50 activities, you are sure to find a way for your kid to practice a skill at his/her level. From the basics of multiplying, adding, subtracting, and dividing to calculating probability and analyzing statistics, Cool Maths has it all.

For my littles, I can use the basics of many of the activities to introduce some math concepts.

Build-a-Castle by Paul Farrell is an awesome buy for anyone with kiddos that love to construct and create. The graphic style of the cards is immediately eye-catching and with 64 cards, your kids can create an amazing castle. 

I was actually surprised how easy Hendrix was able to use the slotted cards to build his structure. He was excited to see the different doors and windows. We were also able to talk about the flags and shields. He was very proud of what he built and of course his little brother wanted to make his own, too.

If creating your own is too difficult, the booklet does give you some examples and guidance to get you started. Encourage that creativity and those spatial skills!

Build-a-Castle is one of those I will recommend over and over because each time you can create a new castle. 

Want them? Buy them!

You can purchase Build-a-Castle by Paul Farrell for $19.95. It is such an affordable price for an engaging activity. 

Cool Maths by Tracie Young is available for $14.95. I look forward to continue using this book at the boys grow to work on the skills they gain as they get older. 

Now is the time to find those unique products for your kiddos to use during quarantine. 

Who in your life needs Cool Maths and Build-a-Castle? 

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