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Choosing The Perfect Toy For Your Four Year Old

Toys are designed to stimulate the cognitive development of children in addition to other skills like memory, concentration, and problem-solving abilities. By introducing the right toys, you are able to give your child an opportunity to practice and develop new skills at their own pace. 

With the industry booming with a wide range of toys for different ages and skill sets, it can get a bit daunting to find the perfect one for your child. How do you know which ones will keep your child engaged or which ones get discarded in a corner after a day or two? To help you, here are a few ideas to ponder. You can pick from options that challenge, nurture and encourage overall development in your child.

Go For Play Things That Grow With Your Child
Certain toys tend to be used across different developmental stages as your child grows up. These are a worthy investment and also make playtime a lot more fun. For instance, choosing gender-based toys for your infant could be a good choice. Another example is the plastic animal models. These are a huge hit among kids of all ages. They get to learn about different kinds of animals, act out different stories, and try building a zoo and so on. Pick out stuff that your child can use even when they grow older.

Open-Ended Options
Kids enjoy taking things apart, putting them back together, pulling stuff out, building them up and so on. You can help them develop their imagination by picking out open-ended toys that can be used in a variety of ways. According to experts, open-ended options like building blocks, nesting cups, beach playthings, helps bring out a child’s creativity. The legendary building logs as per this article, https://www.gearunicorn.com/best-toys-and-gifts-for-4-year-old-boys/ makes an integral part of a child’s growing up years. It can help promote logical thinking. Likewise, magnetic blocks can help kids improve their problem-solving skills.

Choose Something Challenging
Toys that encourage problem-solving and exploration are a huge hit among kids of all ages. They experience a sense of accomplishment when they use their logical thinking skills to find the right solution. This enables them to become good problem solvers as they grow up. These toys are also designed to encourage fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial relationship skills. Jigsaw puzzles, nesting blocks, shape sorters, play dough, clay, etc are all great options for young kids.

Toys That Spark Imagination
Four-year-olds often have a lot of imagination. Giving them toys that help them use their imagination is a win-win. You can try dress-up clothes, food look-alikes, action figures, kitchen sets, dolls, etc encourage young kids to role-play and act out stories. Pretend play has been proven to have an important role in the development of your child’s problem-solving skills, literacy skills, language skills, etc. It also helps them develop the ability to put events in the right logical order.

Young kids need the right tools to develop different skill sets that will come in handy as they grow up. It is up to you to find the right toys that help this cause. With the help of the tips above, you can make sure that your four-year-old is on the right track!

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